5 cozy Birmingham work & study spots

I’m forever working from home but sometimes I like to surround myself in a cozy atmosphere with some coffee and away from my Netflix remote. Here are some of my favourite little coffee shops in Birmingham that you can unwind and study in (and deserve all the love when you can visit).

200 degrees

200 degrees is a small chain, there’s 3 of their shops in Birmingham and all give you comfy chairs, lots of space to study in your own little corner, great coffee and plug sockets.

Waterstones Cafe

Not an obvious choice but I enjoy working here surrounded by books. The coffee is good and there are a variety of chairs and comfy armchairs to get snug in – and it’s always nice and quiet!


Caffe Nero Bullring

I’ve always been a huge fan of Caffe Nero,  I think their menu is really varied and their shops are always really cosy with their comfortable chairs and relaxing music. The Nero in the Bullring is my favourite. It’s spacious, the staff are lovely and you can happily tuck yourself into a corner for hours to get some work done.

Saints Kitchen

Based in the Jewellery Quarter opposite St Paul’s, this lovely little coffee shop serves brunch, bagels and dreamy cakes as well as killer coffee with a view.

Yorks Cafe


York’s cafe has two stores in Birmingham, both of which are really spacious and have such a great range of coffee’s. They also make really yummy brunch.

I’ll be writing up a best Birmingham brunch spots soon!


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