How to pitch to brands as a blogger

You’ve been blogging consistently, you have a small following and you’re seeing everyone on your feed working with your dream brands whilst your inbox is empty? Sound familiar? Don’t wait for brands to come to you, get yourself out there! 

How to find the right PR emails

Firstly, you want to find the emails of the brands that you want to contact. Don’t email their generic customer service email as chances are they’ll get so many emails that you’ll never be forwarded to the PR department which will be completely different. The way that I find emails is either through their PR Instagrams, through a website called Hunter, or even ask blogger friends who may have worked with them before. Blogging is a very supportive community and it shouldn’t be about competition, but helping each other instead. 

What to write in your email

Now that you have their email – what on earth do you write? 

First – Introduce yourself. ‘Briefly’ is the key word here. They’ll get many many emails and you don’t want to waffle. Include: your name, that you’re a lifestyle/beauty etc blogger, mention your location and link your website. 

Now it’s time to drop the stats. Check your insights and name drop your audience (age, country etc) so that they can see if their target audience fits yours. You can find this information on ‘Insights’ on Instagram.

Briefly write a line or two on why you want to work with this specific company, why your ideals and audience line up, and mention any ideas that you have for a blog or Instagram post that you’d like to work on with them. 

Name drop (briefly – key word) any similar brands that you’ve worked with which will make you seem more reputable.

Add a screenshot of your Instagram feed. This will give a very good idea of the style of content that you produce and will also catch their eye when scrolling through emails. 

Finally sign off with adding that you’d love to work with them and send them over a media kit with your rates. I don’t like to add my media kit right away as then your rates may put them off, whereas if they have to ask for it, you’ve engaged a discussion then and you at least know that they’re interested in working with you. 

When to follow up?

If they haven’t replied within a week, feel free to follow up with emails. Sometimes I even have brands who email me first who don’t reply, I then follow up and they reply that they completely missed my email back. It happens – just be polite and concise and it can’t hurt.

How to ask for budget?

The brand gets back to you and they say that they don’t have any budget and instead they want you to produce content for them in exchange for ‘gifts’.

Never feel guilty asking to be paid for your work. I put so much effort into my content as I’m sure you do too, and gifts simply can’t pay my bills.

Here’s my general response:

Hi xyz,

Thanks for reaching out, this sounds like a fab collaboration. Unfortunately, the compensation offered doesn’t reflect the standard of content that I produce as a professional photographer. If there’s any scope for budget I’d love to send you over a rates card. I think I could bring some real value to your company. Have a lovely rest of your week! I look forward to hearing from you. 

Kindest Regards,


The responses that I get are either 1) Oh actually we do have a budget – and then negotiations start. 2) They don’t reply. 3) They genuinely don’t have any budget in which case you can then decide if you want to work with them or not on a gifted basis instead. 

I really hope that this helped. Reaching out to brands is a fantastic way of getting yourself work as well as building relationships with brands which can lead to future work. Best of luck!


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