5 steps towards living a healthier lifestyle

This year, slowly but surely, I truly feel like I have changed my life. I’m fit and healthy, I’ve educated myself for the better, and most importantly I’ve managed to do it in a sustainable way. The most important thing is not to let yourself get overwhelmed. Here are five small tips which can set you on the right path to making healthier decisions. 

Plan and prep all of your meals the night before

Me and Tom only food shop once a month with little top-up shops. We plan a huge list of healthy meals and then shop to fit only that, and every Sunday we fill out a little menu board so that we know what food we are having each day. For example if one of us is working on an evening, we’ll allocate a quicker meal for that day, or have a warm lunch instead of dinner. By planning and preparing meals, you’re less likely to reach for a takeaway menu etc if you’ve defrosted some chicken, or you already have a meal allocated. By prepping as well it means that if you have a long shift, there shouldn’t be too much work to do and you can grab it and go. Have a takeaway by all means, we tend to once a month, but if you meal plan you can allocate a day for your takeaway and then you’re less likely to takeaway binge on the Tuesday if you know that Friday is your pizza night.


Sleep with a bottle of water beside your bed.

Water is my best friend, I drink like a fish. Now I know how it feels to be properly hydrated, I realise that before my journey so many times when I thought that I was hungry, I was just thirsty. Sleep with a bottle of water beside your bed to stop any unnecessary night-munchies, and as soon as you wake up you’ll know it’s time to fill your water bottle and start your day off right.

Park further away from your work place / take the stairs to get more steps in.

Walking is such an amazing way to keep active. You don’t have to be running 5K, increasing your steps through parking further away from your workplace, taking the stairs, and just walking from place to place as much as possible can do absolute wonders for your body. This year has just made me so grateful for all that my body is capable of.

Set your phone to do not disturb and read for 30 minutes before you sleep.

I’m terrible for using my phone before bed, then not being able to sleep because of it, and reaching for my phone and repeating. What happens then? You wake up tired and you’ve exhausted yourself for the next day. Sleep is so so important and vital. Do not touch your phone for at least 45 minutes before bed. Read, draw, do crosswords, whatever can relax you and unwind your mind.

Aim to move for 30 minutes a day. 

Whether that’s a walk to the shops instead of driving, a workout, or a good yoga and stretch, movement does wonders. I love an intense workout, but that doesn’t mean that to start a healthier journey you have to do a 60 minute hiit full of burpees. If you’re normally super sedentary, by walking more, stretching, going for a swim twice a week, or doing a ten minute workout three days a week will make such a difference. Exercise for me has been amazing for my body, but more importantly my mind. 


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