6 ways to slow down & unwind

 This past month I’ve been really focusing on trying to slow down and unwind more, especially on an evening. There’s nothing worse than feeling tired then getting into bed and your mind is running round at 100mph. (I’m sure we can all relate). Things can be so anxiety inducing at the moment so I wanted to share some quick tips which have really been helping me.

• Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ when you get into bed. No vibrations every five seconds that make you grab it, it’s time to switch off. 

• Charge your phone overnight away from your bedside and out of reach. It’ll cut off any temptation. Who wants to get out of a comfy bed to actually walk to your phone? (If your phone is your alarm it’ll also help you get up, because you have to physically climb out of bed to turn it off – thank me later)

• Have a social media detox one day a week. Now I love Instagram, I find it to be a real place or creativity and inspiration, but we’re all guilty of popping onto it for a second and before you know if you’ve been scrolling for an hour. Am I right? You’ll be so surprised at how productive you can be by just taking one day off. Log out of Instagram, reflect on your week, and use this day to set your goals ahead and it’ll be far more productive. I promise!

• Have a warm herbal tea instead of a coffee before bed. Unlike coffee where it keeps you awake, these teas actually make you sleepy. My favourites include: green tea and pomegranate, chamomile, and peppermint. If you’re not a tea fan, try having decaf coffee, or hot chocolate instead.

• Light a candle as you’re unwinding. (I also have a salt lamp and an oil diffuser and it’s so relaxing).  You want to set a mood that puts you at ease. Baths, oils, you know the ones. Self-care is so important especially now than ever, investing in yourself is vital. If you don’t put yourself and your mental and physical health first, who else will?

• Listen to, or read a book, instead of scrolling in your last hour. I wouldn’t exactly call it a relaxing book but I’m listening to The Flower Girls at the moment and I’m hooked. Anything that takes you out of your own head will work wonders!

What are your unwinding tips? 


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