Spreads & Breads UK / Midlands Grazing Boxes

* This was kindly gifted to me under no obligation to review it *

Spreads and Breads is a local Midlands company, that creates gorgeous and personalised grazing tables, buffets and even grazing boxes delivered to your door. All of their ingredients are sourced locally, pastries are baked fresh on the morning of delivery, and I was so so impressed by their service.

They offered to gift me and Tom a delicious grazing box and we chose a mash up of brunch and dessert (our favourite), and as you can see it was the dreamiest pre-birthday picnic date. I can’t rave about them enough.

We had: freshly baked pancakes, croissants, pain au chocolat’s and pain au raisins, macaroons, Oreo cake, blueberry muffins, brownies, fresh fruit and nuts, locally sourced honey and marmalade – I mean the selection was endless and so so tasty. I absolutely loved that they included such gorgeous fresh fruit as well as it really complimented the box, and didn’t make it feel like it was too heavy. (Although me and Tom had to take a break and come back to it and that’s saying something – you really are completely spoiled).

I really wanted to share this company to any of my Midland followers. Supporting small businesses is more important than ever and if you’re wanting a luxury picnic, or birthday treat (without having to do the washing up) Spreads and Breads is your place to go! 


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