Decorating with Posterlounge / AD

Renting an apartment can sometimes feel frustrating when it doesn’t feel like your own home. Art-work is the perfect way to transform the blank space into your own style. (If you don’t have nails in the walls, command strips are super renter friendly).

When Posterlounge contacted me *very kindly gifted* I was so excited. Our living room was crying out for some poster love – and you’ll see the incredible results. I’ve purchased from similar brands before, but their products have never been at this level of quality.

Firstly, we knew that we wanted two large and bright canvas prints that tie into our pink armchair, and make the apartment feel young and bright. We chose the Mikado 60x80cm print, along with the Balance VI 60x80cm print and I think they go along together perfectly. They’ve really brought our living room together.

I also wanted to chose some girly prints for the bedroom. This Oh La La print (20x30cm with a Natural Shutter Frame) compliments The New Yorker Print (30x40cm) so well – and I’m so so impressed with the frame quality too!

Tom is the biggest fan of movie posters, especially vintage ones. We already have Casablanca, Back to the Future, The Joker, and Drive, and when Tom saw A Streetcar Named Desire (40x60cm) he had to have it.

Thank you SO much to PosterLounge for these prints. They feel so luxurious and they make our apartment look so classy – I’m so happy with them!


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