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When it comes to watches, I’m a definite collector. I love a timeless classic piece that will not fall out of fashion.

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When NordGreen contacted me, after endlessly scrolling through their Instagram, I was so excited. Nordgreen is a minimalist Danish watch brand (Nord as in Nordic, and Green as in ethical as you’ll read later) who cater to all genders, and ages – and even better; they are sustainable and ethical. That’s what we like to hear in 2020 right!? NordGreen was created by Danish duo Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt who wanted to create luxury watches at affordable prices with an ethical ethos at the forefront. 

NordGreen kindly gifted me this gorgeous 32mm Infinity Gold Watch along with this Brown Vegan Leather Watch Strap.

What I absolutely LOVE about this company is that you can buy many different interchangeable watch straps so that it’s almost like having 5 different watches that you can change to fit with your outfit or mood, and it’s easy to do! 

Here’s why in my opinion they are the go-to for ethical gifting (I don’t want to mention the C word, but there’s less than 100 days to go… I’ve started shopping – have you?). 

1) Their watches are stunning. 
Watches make the perfect gift; they are timeless. When they’re good quality like these watches they can last forever, and it’s something that you can wear every single day, from school to work. I will be gifting this watch to my sister, she’s had a very hard time in her first year working as a Paramedic and this is the most incredible gift to say I love you and I appreciate you. 

‘MORT’ gets you 15% off ooooo. Treat yourself!

2) NordGreen are carbon neutral. 
They plant thousands of trees to offset their carbon emissions and that alone in my opinion makes them an absolute stand out. I’ve spoken many times about wanting to shop more sustainably and ethically and this is the perfect example.

3) Sustainable Packaging. 

This is something that I feel quite passionate about. Often as a blogger, you can receive PR packages and the packaging itself is always so so wasteful. Often huge bright boxes just for show that in fact contain tiny items. Nordgreen’s packaging however is made of FSC-certified cartons and up-cycled plastic bottles, giving you luxury without waste. 

4) Giving Back Programme.

NordGreen also partner with three NGO’s, and donates 2 months of clean water and education and saves 200 square feet of rain Forrest. You actually get to choose which NGO partner to donate part of the cost of your watch to which makes it even more heartwarming and personal, and by entering the serial number on the back of your watch, you’re able to physically track the impact that your donation has made. 

Pretty remarkable and I feel really proud to be working with them and introducing them to you all. 

Join me and grab yourself your own gorgeous watch. 

Nordgreen have three watches in their ladies collection; Philosopher, Native and Infinity. I chose the Infinity watch because I love its classic and minimalist design. It’s super subtle and sleek and so easy to change its strap and transform its look too. 

You can shop the Infinity Watch and Nordgreen’s full range here and use code MORT for 15% off. (You know I love a bargain). 

Which strap is your favourite? I’m obsessed, I think they’re SO classy!


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