How to organise a week of goal setting / with the Old English Company

Every Sunday, I like to plan my week ahead, set my goals and intentions for the week, and create a plan that is realistic yet productive. Here are my tips!

Thank you to The Old English Company for gifting me this gorgeous personalised notebook. I love that it’s just lined which means that you can use it however you wish; planning, bullet journalling, shopping lists – you name it.


Write down your five most important tasks

Write down five tasks that are vital to keeping your week on track. Whether it’s cleaning the house, preparing for a job interview, or charging up your equipment in advance for a wedding etc. These are tasks that must get ticked off and completed. For me this usually includes writing at least one blog post, sharing two Instagram posts, and shooting three images per week.

Write down your appointments

Record your shifts, dentist appointments, shoots etc and coffee-dates with your friends. This way you’re able to see your days start filling up with events as well as tasks giving you a more fuller idea of your week, and remaining time.

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Allocate down time

This is important. As your week starts to fill up, allocate specific you time when you’re able to unwind from the world. In order to be super prepared for a kick-ass week, you also need to feel rested and rejuvenated. Burn-out helps no-one.

Sweat the small things

Your diary is now filled with your main tasks, your appointments, and some TLC time. Now’s the time to add your daily events and habits that you want to keep up. I’m talking your workouts, maybe note down your meals, and your little tasks for that day. You finish work at 12pm? Now is your chance to do the food shop etc.  If you get ahead of yourself, maybe you can try and complete something on tomorrow’s to-do list to ease work from that day. Plan your week so that it is as easy and smooth for you as possible. I know that I want to workout five times a week and so I’ll look at my tasks and appointments and allocate workouts on the days where there is more time. Make life as easy as possible for yourself!

Aaaand that’s it. Tick off your habits as you go, do not overwhelm yourself and here’s to an amazing week of maintaining great old habits, starting new one’s, and meeting our goals!



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