5 reasons to start a blog


  • Mainly, you should start your blog because it’s fun. Of course it can bring you amazing PR experiences and opportunities, but you are creating a site that is completely your own (unlike instagram etc where you don’t own the actual domain). You choose what to write,  when you write, what to share, and it’s such a fun way of expressing yourself, being creative, and ultimately creating something that you’re proud of. 

Job Prospects

  • Blogging is actually super respected by businesses. I’ve been offered full time PR jobs before solely because of this blog. Companies nowadays are far more media savvy and do their research on you, and when they come across a positive online influence in the form of a blog it proves that you have a lot of skills: writing, communication, web design, photography, creativity, time management, dedication, determination, self-pride, and social media marketing, to name but a few. All skills which apply to a lot of jobs – and the fact that you’re doing it off your own back, even better! 

Friends and Networking

  • Blogging is also a great way to make friends and form new working relationships. Blogging is a super supportive community, and most of my experiences working with PR companies have been wonderful – and some have even turned into full blown photography partnerships outside of my social media. If you have a side business such as photography, you can really make them go hand in hand to support both side hustles. 

An Outlet

  • Blogging can give you an emotional outlet that you didn’t have before. You don’t have to share it right away, I didn’t share mine until I was 6 months in, but having a space where you can write and vent and share what you’re passionate about makes you a better writer, increases your self-confidence and can take a real weight off your shoulders. 

Your own corner of the internet

  • Your website is YOURS. Instagram could be deleted tomorrow. Do you want to rely solely on a site that you have no right to? When you buy a domain you have full ownership to it. That site belongs to you, and blogging can be a hobby for life. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2017 and I love looking back on old posts and seeing how far I’ve come (both in skills, and general growth). It’s almost like a life diary. 


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