Five tips to staying motivated for home workouts


I’m officially 7 months into my home fitness routine, nearly 3 dress sizes smaller, and I’m LOVING fitness more than ever. It’s finally become part of my daily routine and I’m so proud of myself. I get a lot of messages asking how I motivate myself so I wanted to share some tips. I’m really no expert but I’ve tried to get into fitness so many times and I finally feel like I’m in a good and sustainable place with it where it doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s just part of my routine.

Plan a routine

Planning is your best friend. Wake up without any excuses or time wasting trying to find your workout – plan the week, or the night before. Tell yourself what workout you’re going to do and wake up feeling prepared. I follow a HASfit plan so my videos are already pre-selected for me but I always like to skim through it the night before so I know what’s ahead of me. I also plan my workout times around work, and which two days will be my rest days as well. This way if you find things hard or hit mental blocks you can remind yourself that your rest day is tomorrow, or in two days etc.

Find something you enjoy

This is one of the biggest things. I can promise you, if you don’t enjoy your chosen workout, you will NOT be able to keep it up. I’ve tried Couch to 5K – I hate running. Did I keep it up? No. I’ve tried spinning. Boring. Didn’t keep it up. Hasfit is a combination of cardio and strength training and the variations keep it fresh for me and I genuinely really enjoy it and find it motivating. Now do I wake up every day in my gym gear saying whooo? Of course not. But I know that I’m going to workout, feel better for it, and even enjoy myself. You’ll never regret a workout.

Buy workout gear

I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever I buy myself gym-gear it makes me feel excited to workout. It makes me feel prepared, and like I’m ready to kick ass. Treat yourself to some gym-gear and in doing so promise yourself that you’ll use it. It works!

Hold yourself accountable – write it down.

Do not allow yourself excuses. Write down the night before in your planner, or your diary, that you are going to workout. You ARE. You’ve planned your workout, you’ve sorted out your rest days, no excuses. You have to kick yourself up the butt even on days that you don’t want to. I can promise you, the first 3 months are the hardest. Once you’ve gotten stronger you’ll start to enjoy it. I never thought I’d be here saying it but I swear it’s true. Now you can start now and beat that 3 month mountain in September, or you can give up and not be there by this time next year. I believe that you can do it.

Workout with a friend

Find a friend who is wanting to get into fitness too and hold each other accountable. Whether that’s working out together, or checking in with updates every day on how you’re doing, by having someone going through the same journey as you, you’ll feel a lot of support to keep going, and also another reason not to quit because you have responsibility for someone else too!


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