Craft Gin Club subscription / August box. Is it worth it?


* This Craft Gin box was kindly gifted to me under no obligation to review. All opinions are my own as always *

When Craft Gin Club got in touch and wanted to send over their August box for me to try I was super excited. 1) Gin is very low calorie so it’s become my go-to alcoholic drink lately 2) I’ve been loving food photography so it gave me a chance to flex those muscles. And 3) I’ve followed Craft Gin Club for yearssss and I’ve always been curious to give them a go.

The Craft Gin club is a monthly subscription box for £40 a month with monthly or tri-yearly options to receive a box. (There is also always a discount on your first box so do shop around first). Each box includes a full bottle of gin, along with a magazine full of recipes, nibbles, cocktail syrups, condiments for your gin, as well as a cider and tonics.
Now the northerner in me has to ask – is £40 pricey for a subscription box? Of course. But when compared to buying a full bottle alone of gin, you’re nearly already there anyway. Craft Gin claim each box to be roughly worth around £65 so you’re getting value which is what I always want in a subscription box. This definitely isn’t a box for the average household but it doesn’t claim to be. It’s real luxury for quintessential gin lovers and it really does deliver.

August’s Box


I was so genuinely impressed with this. When I opened the packaging it felt like it was never-ending. The sheer amount of goodies is fantastic.

Their gin of the month was a Rock Rose Scottish Coastal Gin which was lemon flavoured (perfect for me as I love gin with lemonade, I’m not a tonic gal). Online this retails for £35, so already you’re nearly covering your entire subscription with just the bottle alone.  


One of my favourite parts is that they provide the little fancy things (technical word – I never claimed to be a gin connoisseur)  that go inside your gin ie cucumber, lemon etc. And this month it was orange which was a perfect fit taste wise (and for my photographs, I won’t lie to you).

Food goodies include: Coconut salted fudge (I only tried one, how good is my control right now??? But it was delicious. Tom ate the rest in about 2 minutes). We also had a packet of Snacking Cheese, and some Pipers Thai Sweet Chilli crisps. Real posh food pub classics that are perfect to go with the gin.

Drink wise we also had: Thatchers Cloudy Lemon Cider, Two tonics and a 0 calorie black currant sparkling water. Guess which one I had? Just lovely extra touches for a summer evening – especially in this weather right now.


I absolutely love how well tied together and thought out everything feels.  

Finally, we had a cocktail syrup. Right up my street. In their magazine they also provide a cocktail recipe which I’m so excited to try, that uses all of the ingredients that they’ve provided, so not only are you getting recipes, gin, cider and snacks – you’re also getting a cocktail.


I was super super impressed with this box. If you’re a gin lover this really is value for money and it feels like SUCH a treat.


Have you ever tried a gin subscription box? For me subscription boxes are all about value for money and this nailed it for me.

Soph x



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