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Mark my words, I will live here one day.

Whitby; home to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Captain Cook, and the Worlds best Fish & Chips. As you’ve probably seen me say about 500 times on my Instagram, this place just has my heart. It’s not the most glamorous; the sea isn’t as blue as Cornwall’s, it has true Yorkshire weather not Spain’s sun, and you’re more likely to be attacked by a seagull than catch a tan, but it just feels like ‘my place’.


History, Yorkshire, and the sea. Need I say more? 

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m by the sea I always forget my worries. I’ve been offered a potential press trip here next month (not affiliated with this post in any way) and thinking about our memories here really inspired me to want to write my recommendations for this little Yorkshire town. This place just feels special in my heart.



There’s an abundance of places that I’ve stayed, from small and quaint B&B’s, to family and pet friendly rental cottages, and gorgeous hotels. What I will say is that for me, the joy of Whitby is that you don’t have to stay in luxury. Every time I visit, we spend so much time trying to breathe in every bit of sea air and activities that we just crash. Your stay is what you make of it with whatever budget that you have.

Where to Shop:

The Whitby Bookshop

One of the sweetest bookshops that I have ever seen with the most gorgeous spiral staircase. The staff are so lovely, and their products are so sweet, from stunning classic novels, to cute stationery and locally sourced wax candles. (St Eval candles are just insane). I’m forever buying things from here. They also stock Jessica Hogarth products, a local Whitby designer who is so talented. 


John Bull

You’re by the sea, if you don’t buy fudge, rock or nougat, did you even go? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. My family always make me promise to bring them treats home from here. Mmmm…





There are many self proclaimed best fish and chip shops in Whitby, but this one tucked away on a little side street is my personal favourite. Humble and sweet with the tastiest chips and curry sauce, you honestly can’t go wrong. (I’m making myself far too hungry writing about this…).


Clara’s Ice Cream

Situated right on the sea front, Clara’s is the perfect spot for an ice cream right on the West Cliff and directly on the sea front. The view is absolutely to die for.


The Blitz

Officially my all time favourite cafe. The Blitz is a WWII themed cafe, serving humble Yorkshire Grub. From the decor, music, teacups and Northern vintage menu with delicious pies galore, this place really does feel like stepping back in time. (Their smoked salmon on crumpets are sooooo yummy).


The Moon and the Sixpence

I don’t drink much alcohol really except a flavoured gin on the weekend and I must say that this place do the BEST mocktails I have ever found. My other half had some cocktails, and I had a ‘Butterscotch Cooler’, literally the tastiest drink I have ever had in my life – I even nabbed myself the recipe! Think pornstar martini without the vodka. It’s also right on the harbour and on an evening it’s so romantic and peaceful.


Perfect for a date night, Moutreys is a quaint Italian restaurant down Grape Lane, with an open kitchen and wonderfully authentic atmosphere. We came for our second year anniversary and it was genuinely the most delicious Italian food I have ever tried. I would recommend booking as there aren’t many seats but this only makes for a more intimate evening. Gorgeous gorgeous Italian food.


Emma’s Diner

What’s missing from a Yorkshire costal town but an American diner?? For cheesy fries, frothy milkshakes and burgers, Whitby’s answer to fast food is in true 50’s style. (I definitely throw my calorie deficit to the wind on holiday, luckily you end up walking loadsssss).


Sherlock’s Coffee Shop

I’ll admit that this is pretty overpriced for a cake and a coffee but this coffee shop is so wonderfully sweet and styled, it’s worth it for the atmosphere and the books available to browse whilst sipping your beverage. Watson.



The Secret Beach

Just over the old bridge towards Church Street, and the famous 199 steps, is a secret pier that is only visible when the tide is out. Walking on it takes you fairly far out to sea, it really is so beautiful. It feels like you’re in another world – or if you’re feeling morbid, it’s like the drive often hidden by the tide in The Woman in Black…

199 Steps

One of Whitby’s most famous landmarks. Halfway up when I’m out of breath, I stop to take a photo (but really I’m trying not to die), and it never fails to blow me away. Up the top of the cliff is the beautiful Whitby Abbey, and Church too, which really is worth a visit.

The Pier

Whitby’s Pier is so stunning, and one of Whitby’s most beloved sights. My boyfriend brought me here on one of our first dates, and ever since then it has been etched into my heart (how gross right??). The best time of day to visit is at night when no one else is around. If the tide is out, the gate will be open, and looking up at the stars on it, is like time standing still.


Robin Hood’s Bay

Though this is not technically Whitby, with just a short 15 minute (and ridiculously priced, but it’s Yorkshire) bus ride, you can find yourself in the small village of Robin Hood’s Bay, with it’s quaint shops, and stunningly peaceful beach. Spend a couple of hours there and you won’t regret it.

Boat Rides

In Whitby’s harbour you’ll find SO many boat rides right into the heart of the sea and with such cheap fares too. There are sunset cruises, hourly day time cruises, and my particular favourite, a seal colony boat. This one is only a few times a week but it’s absolutely incredible. The boat takes you to a very popular seal spot where it stops, surrounded by these gorgeous creatures who swim around the boat. I’ll never forget that!


Whitby Abbey & The Jet Museum

Two museums in the heart of Whitby full of rich local history, great for families.

I miss this place even more having written this post. Oh Whitby I’ll be back soon.





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