Low Calorie Loves: Sweet treats & snacks

If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know that I’m on a fitness and health journey that started back in January. This involves working out five times a week when possible, and eating in a very sensible and sustainable calorie defecit. (No 1,200 calorie goals here, been there, done that – it’s too low to sustain and you’ll be hungry all the time. Big no no for me).

love food, and especially snacks, and without treats or being able to eat anything that isn’t just green, I would not be able to continue my journey as happily as I am so I wanted to share with you my favourite low-calorie and guilt free treats! You’ll see that I don’t deny myself anything, it’s everything in moderation.



Crisps / Savoury Snacks

• Slim Fast Chive Pretzels. I do not follow the Slim Fast diet, however I find their food really really tasty and so most days you’ll find me either having some of their pretzels with lunch, or their chocolate. They’re low-calorie and they fill me so I’m always buying them from Amazon.

• Snackajacks / Rice Cakes. Rice cakes, whether it’s the Snackajacks packets or individual ones, are the perfect treat for me on an evening when I have some calories left or if I’m hungry. My personal favourites are the caramel, sour cream and chive, and the salt and vinegar – you can buy these in bulk on Amazon which I tend to do, and Tesco also do very cheap alternatives as well. 

• Quavers. I love my Quavers, they’re so low-calorie and super light. I prefer my Slim Fast Chives because they fill me but these give me a proper cheesy kick when I fancy it. 

• Pom Bears. Super light and tasty. I have about 100 of these on top of my fridge right now. Oops.

• Walkers Baked Crisps. All of the Walkers taste but lighter – I actually prefer these to normal Walkers crisps so it’s a win win!

• Popcorn. Popcorn is so tasty and super low-calorie. I find it really filling too as the bags are generally bigger than crisps and you forget that what you’re eating isn’t naughty! 

Sweets / Chocolate

• Slim Fast Bars. Like I said I’m not following the Slim Fast diet but I’ve repurchased these again and again and again. I probably have them at least 6 times a week. I purchase their chocolate and caramel bars and I find them so tasty. The caramel ones taste exactly like Mars bars at only 99 calories. I get my chocolate fix from these and I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all!

•. Twix, Twirls, Curly Wurly’s & Kitkats. All beloved chocolate bars that are surprisingly low calorie. No need to miss your chocolate fix! 

• HiFi bars. My mother-in-law loves these and often brings these round. I do prefer my Slim Fast’s but my partner loves these. They’re low-calorie chocolates from rocky road, to mint.

• Jealous Sweets. I’m a sweets girl as I’m sure you’ll notice, so I deliberately tried to find low-calorie sweets for when I’m craving (or it’s that time of the month). Jealous Sweets are sugar free. I don’t think they’re amazing but their packets come in at around 130 calories and they do the job. I wouldn’t repurchase because of their price though. 

• Fruit Pastilles. These are my absolute favourite and have been since I was little. A packet of fruit pastilles comes in at 180 calories. Whenever I wake up I generally know if I’m craving sweets, and if I am I’ll work these calories into my lunch and I’m absolutely satisfied for days. I’ll probably only have one a week but I’m not missing out at all. 

• Wine Gums. Same with the fruit pastilles, I’ll fit these into my calories for the day when I’m craving and yet I’m still within my calories for the day and I’ve had some lovely sweets. No missing out over here! 

• Percy Pigs (in portions). I’ve only just discovered these and dear god, mmm mmm mmm. I’ll never have a whole bag, depending on my calories I’ll work these into my lunch with some soup etc, usually half a bag if I have the calories for it, or a quarter and they’re so tasty! 

• Fibre One Brownies & cake bars. Fibre One bars are super expensive in shops but on Amazon they’re a quarter of the price. They’re little cake bars coming in at 90 calories. They’re 100x better in the microwave so I’d recommend heating them for like 15 seconds and you have deliciousness. 

• Mr Kipling cake bars. You can even buy the Holly Lane copycats from Aldi and they’re even more low-calorie. I love having these in the house for again when I have cravings. My partner loves these too. My favourite are the mini batten-burgs, so yummy! 


• Oreo thins. Another household favourite, a packet of 8 Oreo thins comes in at 230 calories so when I have a day where my dinner is quite low-calorie, then maybe once a week when I fancy these I’ll have them with my lunch. Really tasty and to me just taste like Oreos. 

• Digestive thins. My boyfriend’s a huge biscuit fan and has some with a cup of tea on a night and if I ever fancy some I can have some of these and not feel left out. 30 calories a biscuit and I like them. 

• Rich tea biscuits. Bigger than any ‘thin’ biscuits and yet even lower in calories, I love having these with a cup of tea. 

• Jaffa cakes. My boyfriends current favourites.



• Options Hot Chocolate. You don’t have to miss out on hot chocolate with Options and it’s SO yummy. They have normal hot chocolate, mint hot chocolate and even white hot chocolate, all coming in at 44 calories and it tastes just like ‘normal’ hot chocolate.

• Herbal Teas. I’ve been trying to cut out too much tea and coffee because I only like them with sugar and so herbal teas have been amazing. 0 calorie but you get the satisfaction of having a hot drink!

• Sugar free syrup. Skinny Syrups are my current go-to for when I want a coffee without sugar (and this is even nicer). Skinny Syrups can be bought from Amazon for £10, or TK MAXX for £3. I’ve tried the vanilla, and currently on the buttermilk toffee which is so delicious. 

• Slim Fast Shakes. Again, not on this diet. (I have never met anyone who’s lost weight doing a shake diet and maintained it) however I have this shake for breakfast every single day, and have done for the past 5 months. It fills me far more than cereal does with far less sugar, it gives me lots of protein and also I find it really really tasty. I have chocolate, latte, banana and caramel (didn’t like strawberry) and I have it with soy light milk and it fills me even after a workout. I don’t think I’ll go back to cereal, it’s just so easy!

• Diet / sugar free fizzy drinks. I know that these aren’t the best for you but again if I crave a sugar fix (I have a sweet tooth) sometimes on a weekend I’ll have a 0 calorie fizzy drink and it’ll satisfy me until dinner. 



Meringue nests. My current favourite treat right now is frozen blueberries and raspberries (so much cheaper than buying them fresh), with a meringue nest, some soy/low fat yoghurt, and a Choc Shot on top. At less than 200 calories you have a huge bowl full of so many flavours, it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it. 

• Low fat yoghurt. Aldi do soy yoghurts called ‘SoYummy’ which are very low calorie and super tasty. 

• Low calorie ice cream. Aldi again kill it with the low-calorie ice cream. Me and my partner try to food shop once a month and when we do we buy a tub of their 320 calorie ice cream and half it after a healthy tea. It’s absolutely delicious and tastes just like normal ice cream.

I hope that this taught you that trying to eat healthier or be in a calorie deficit, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on things. Find a way to find healthier alternatives to the food that you love instead of completely cutting it out, or portion it and weigh it instead.  Life is short and to be sustainable you have to feel satisfied!

I hope this helped!
Soph x


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  1. June 26, 2020 / 11:21 am

    I live for snacks – and love most of these things. Also, have you tried individual jelly pots? So low in cals! R x

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