6 Instagram apps I swear by

This lockdown I’ve very much enjoyed having more time to get back into Instagram and blogging (though I’m missing wedding season veryyyyyyyy much), and I thought I’d continue my Blogging Tips series and share with you 6 apps that are my go-to for Instagram. I get a lot of questions about my editing apps and I think this might answer a lot of those!

Of course the overall quality of your edited images will depend on the initial quality of the image in the first place, however as you’ll see on Instagram, you don’t always have to have the best camera (especially with phones nowadays). I do also have a Photography Tips blog post but I’ll be doing a newly updated one soon! 


Adobe Lightroom 

Starting off with my absolute favourite, Lightroom is an absolute must have. I use it both for my professional photographs, as well for my blogging content.

Lightroom is both a free app, as well as a paid service depending on how you’ll use it. You can purchase or create your own ‘presets’ which are like filters except far more adjustable to each image which then gives you a cohesive theme. I make my own presets to give my photography an identifiable style, and I’m so happy with it. Look at the difference in one click??

2C6C14FC-0FC4-40C4-8F08-A3821279B61AThere are loads of amazing features in this app from light adjustments to cloning and I can’t recommend it enough! It does work best on raw images from professional cameras, however the mobile app is perfect for any photographs.


Plann is a planning app (shocking)  where you’re able to plan your future Instagram feed, essentially making sure that it’s cohesive. I’m a sucker for images looking pretty and aligned and so I love to use this to plan future posts and how they’ll all slot together.


As you can see here’s a potential sneak peek of mine (I’m always changing it last minute). The app connects to your Instagram so that it shows your current uploaded posts – the ones with the logo in the corner, and then you add future posts to see how they fit!

Unfold & StoryLuxe

I’m linking Unfold and StoryLuxe together as these are my go-to for Instagram stories and image templates. They have an absolute abundance of variations, from film templates, paper templates to collages, as well as pretty text.




Canva is again another template app/website that is incredible for creativity. Not only do they have templates for Instagram stories, but they have some for: menus, book-covers, CV’s, and media kits, it’s brilliant if you’re looking to design something professional yourself. I’ve personally designed menu’s, creative CV’s, my invoices, blog post covers and Pinterest posts all through Canva and I absolutely love it. The templates look so professional and you’re able to customise absolutely everything giving it your personal touch.


PicsArt is new to my radar but I’m really enjoying using it. With PicsArt you’re able to overlay images which can result in images like this. Spot the difference?


Let me know what your favourite Instagram apps are!

Soph x


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  1. June 21, 2020 / 12:51 pm

    I love unfold – maybe I will try storyluxe too! R x

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