My Skincare routine / AM & PM

First things first, Sophie Mort working out, being healthy and having a fancy skincare routine??? I know – I know. Lockdown has changed me, what can I say.

I’ve owed myself a decent skincare routine for a LONG time now but it kind of hit me in January that one day I won’t be 22 and if I start looking after my skin now I’ll be grateful for it as I age.

*This contains some gifted items, I’m very lucky to be on Pixi’s PR list but there’s no obligation ever to post about them, it’s purely a gifted basis not a collaboration*.

I have two different routines for day and night and honestly since 1) swapping dairy milk for soy milk and 2) maintaining this routine, my skin has never ever been better. Early this year my skin had gotten so bad that I was close to seeing a doctor or changing my pill but now it’s never been so clear and I think that this has a lot to do with it.


Pixi Vitamin C Cleanser / OR QI Energy Double Cleansing Ginseng Micellar Water

I always start with a cleanse to wash away any nasties from the night before. I find both of these super refreshing. I apply these with reusable makeup pads that I got from Amazon.

Pixi Glow Tonic

I swear by this, I can’t tell you how many of the mini’s I’d purchased, I was so shocked when Pixi gifted me this. It’s a brilliant toner that I’ll always reach for.

Dr Botanicals Eye Cream

Top tip – I read that you should always apply eye cream BEFORE serums (something I’ve got wrong for like 5 years).

absolutely love this eye cream, it’s super super pricey, but you can always find their products on eBay for much cheaper and they really are a great brand.

Beauty Pie Micropeeling Drops / Pixi Glow Tonic Serum

I LOVE this combination. I mix the serums together (something I’ve been loving experimenting with) and then leave it for ten minutes to properly sink in before applying moisturiser. I normally brush my teeth and do my hair and then I’m ready for the next step.

Also I think this combination is a huge benefit to keeping spots at bay, both of them are great at targeting and soothing.

I do have a code ‘Sophie_Mort’ to get a free £50 allowance booster when signing up to Beauty Pie. (Not sponsored, all members get a code). 

Pixi PH / Rose Moisturising Cream

Since I first started this blog, I’ve sworn by Dr Botanicals moisturisers only (and I still love them to death) but since January I’ve been using these daily instead to compliment the other Pixi products that I’ve been using and I find them SO refreshing.



Beauty Pie Plantastic Cleansing Balm

This balm as I raved about in my Beauty Pie post, melts makeup off like a dream. It turns it into milk and removes even the most stubborn of foundation!

QI Ginseng Cleanser

Then a classic double cleanse.

Pixi Glow Tonic

Dr Botanicals Eye Cream

Pixi Vitamin C Serum

This is my absolute favourite of Pixi’s serums, I apply this and leave it for ten minutes. It sometimes stains my hands if I don’t wash them straight away but it’s just the most refreshing serum and it’s not sticky or oily in the slightest!

Beauty Pie Ceramide Capsules

I then rub these into my skin (they balance the PH of your skin and improve your skins natural barrier). It applies like an oil and I then brush my teeth whilst they sink in.

I’d always been afraid of serums/oils, believing the classic old wives tale that oil on oily skin would make it even worse but I was so so wrong. If you’re curious, give yourself a week or two and I promise serums will not make it worse (and will hopefully make it better).

Pixi Vitamin C Moisturiser

I then like to compliment the Vitamin C serum with the moisturiser. It’s so creamy and I know that Pixi has a pricey cost, but I will be repurchasing the Vitamin C collection. It’s my favourite of all of theirs and if my fussy skin loves it, then I can’t argue.

And that’s my skincare routine. Let me hear yours!

Soph x


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  1. May 24, 2020 / 9:51 am

    Fab post – and the photography is BEAUTIFUL! R x

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