6 tips for working from home

With more people than ever working from home, I wanted to share my tips and tricks that I’ve learned working for myself for the past two years.

It can be quite hard getting used to working from home. Your home is the place that you come to after a long day, and adapting that into creating it as both your work space, and your downtime space requires time and effort but I think  that these tips will help!

Make the space your own

When your home becomes your office, it’s so important to make it a place that is comfortable to work in, and inspires you.


Brighten the place up, whether that’s with some fresh flowers or wall prints and quotes that motivate you. Keep the windows and curtains open and airy, and make sure that where you work is comfortable and away from distractions.

(I was gifted these flowers by In Bloom Flowers from the Jewellery Quarter in return for photography services only with no obligation to share but HOW stunning are they???)

Have a dedicated work space

I know that a lot of people like to work from their ‘soft office’ (their bed) and whilst it’s so tempting to do so, I can promise that it won’t be as productive as working in a place that you don’t associate with sleeping.

I’ve been there with late night editing sessions in bed, but it’s not a good habit to create and will end up messing with your sleep pattern. 

It doesn’t have to be one set dedicated space, sometimes I like working at my desk, sometimes at the dining table, or my coffee table by a sunny window, but by stepping away from my bedroom, it sets the gears in motion that I have work to do and I’m going to do it.


Give yourself allotted work time and breaks

When you’re working from home your deadlines still exist. You’re either one of two people, a) someone who struggles to get into a work flow, or b) someone who struggles to remind themselves to have a break. (I’m the latter). By using apps like Forrest, or Focus Keeper, you’re able to set both slots to work, and slots to break. For example set a one hour solid work slot, and then you’ll receive a reminder when it’s up to take a 15/25 minute break.

I like to power through with my workload, especially with editing but taking time away from your work, just as you would at a normal workplace with a lunch or coffee break, is so important so you can come back refreshed and ready to go again.

Side note – I’d also really recommend getting Blue Light glasses if you work with a screen. They work by providing a barrier between your eyes and screens and it stops you getting headaches which are just brilliant. I’ve shot a week long campaign for Riccardo Masseroti, and so I now have a load of their glasses which I do genuinely recommend but any brand will do!



Find the working hours that suit you best

My favourite thing about working from home is that I get to choose my hours. Are you a night owl? Are you more productive in the morning? Adapt your schedule around when you know that you will work best.

Personally, 9-5 doesn’t work for me. Whilst I get up early, I like to exercise and plan my day before starting work, and find 12-8 with breaks works for me better. A photographers schedule changes drastically, and of course on shoot days the hours are very different but when you can, choose the hours that will make you work more productively. After all, if you can work more productively in less hours by changing your schedule, go for it!

Get dressed and ready for the day 

It’s so important mentally to prepare yourself for a work day, as if you were getting ready to go to work. I’m not saying you should put on a suit, hey even wear some comfy loungewear (pretty sure we’re all living in it right now) but definitely get changed into something fresh for the day to get you away from sleep mode and ready to tackle your days goals.


Plan your day 

Speaking of goals – one of my favourite things to do, which I find keeps me on track, is to plan a week ahead of exactly what I want to do each day.

I track this both in a paper diary, my favourite is from The Inspired Stories Co, as well as in the Planbella App. I list everything that I want to achieve that day, so that I always know what I expect of myself and can tick things off as I go.

I hope this helps! How are you finding working from home?

Soph x


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