My Ultimate Favourites of 2019 / Television, Podcasts, Fashion & Beauty

Happy New Year!! What a year it’s been on all grounds, from beauty, film and television, to books and podcasts. We won’t talk about the election – let’s reallly not go there, but I wanted to do a big post of the bits and bobs that I’ve loved in 2019.


Fashion & Accessories


Joanie has been a recent discovery of mine but I had to include it. They’re a gorgeous vintage clothes shop. I love vintage clothing but I feel like often it can look like costume rather than clothes but they’ve nailed the perfect balance. Their jumpers are so comfortable, I’m currently living in their Wuthering Heights jumper. It gives me such Famous Five book cover vibes!


New Look

New Look has always been one of my favourite clothing stores and they’ve smashed it this year, I’ve especially been loving their boots, denim dresses and pinafores that tie at the waist.

Ideal of Sweden

I’d been eyeing up their phone cases for weeks when last year they gifted me a gorgeous shell case. It lived on my phone right up until a new one was sent in the mail today. Their cases are gorgeous and they have never mentioned this on their website so it’s obviously not a deliberate selling point but the rounded edges of the case have always saved my phone from being smashed the many times that I’ve dropped it (oops). My current one is the Laguna Pearl one, it’s so pretty. I do have an affiliate code that will earn you 20% off if you’re fancying one! ID20-NM443. I’d never recommend anything I didn’t use and I’ve never had a phone case for over a year that hasn’t fallen apart so in my experience it’s definitely worth the higher price point!


Whitby Jet

Whitby is my favourite place on Earth, I have always wanted a Whitby Jet necklace to wear every day and when my boyfriend gifted me it for Christmas I was overjoyed. It’s a stunning necklace and I love that I can carry a little part of Whitby around with me always. The best and most thoughtful gifts as always from my love.

Stackers Jewellery Box

An early Christmas present, I was gifted a blush stackers jewellery box. It’s stunning and adds a lovely shade of pink to my bedroom as well as organising my jewellery in a non-cluttered way. I also love how  (the clue is in the name) but you can buy different sections of the box that stack together to create an entirely customisable box.


Paul Hewitt Watch

This was gifted to me back in May and it’s been on my arm constantly, it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s stood the test of my clumsiness, with no scratches (yet). I really am so chuffed and grateful to have received it.


Stationery & Planners

Career Girls Daily Get Stuff Done Planner

I am obsessed with this CDG planner. I’m a massive stationery hoarder, and I find planning SO important but I struggle with dated planners because I never end up fully using it. Cue this – undated, and has the perfect page set up. First of all, there are so many pages in this. I’ve had this for over a year and haven’t even made a dent in it. The pages includes room for the date, a daily quote, tasks for the day, food, water, exercise and expenses and it’s the perfect layout for me to keep my day’s on track. It’s also vegan leather so massive bonus! 


The Inspired Stories Company Diary

Another Christmas gift but it’s so beautiful that I had to include it. It’s undated which again means I can dip into it, it’s personalised in gold foil, and has monthly overviews as well as weekly goal reminders to keep me on track!

Papier Notebooks

Papier has been a favourite stationery brand of mine for a while. Last year they gifted me a gorgeous diary, and so when I was looking for a notebook for screenplay ideas they were the first place I went. I love that it can be personalised and their designs are so pretty. I chose the Wildflower one!


Film & Television

The Hole in the Ground

I love a good folk horror, and I’m determined to write an Isle of Man based one inspired by my Manx heritage and stories I’ve been told. I always find that UK horror films always seem grittier and dirtier, in a more chilling way, whereas American horror films are more higher budget and entertaining. This really didn’t disappoint. Set in Ireland, it tells the story of a mother who questions if her child is really who she thought he was. It’s very impressive.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This WWII film is so charmingly British and quaint, it’s both feel-good, and emotional. It’s the kind of film you watch curled up with a cup of tea.


Phoebe Waller Bridge’s breath of fresh air. One of my favourite lines, ‘she’s not an evil stepmother. She’s just a c***.’ Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Watch it!

Breaking Bad

My God. My God. My God. Without a doubt the best television show of all time. I don’t know how I’m so late to the party but Jesus. It’s absolutely breathtaking. The writing, cinematography, acting, directing – insane. Vince Gilligan is a God. I fell head over heels in love with Hank and Marie.


An incredible piece of television, telling the story of the Nuclear disaster in a really human way. It’s terrifying.

The Act

I knew of the infamous case before I watched it and it’s even more bizarre to see unfold. If you enjoy true crime, you’ll enjoy this. The performances are uncanny.

When Harry Met Sally

I managed to reach the age of 22 thinking that this film was just some old comedy. Wow, was I wrong. And stupid. It’s without a doubt the most charming film I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just brilliant, the characters, the unique way of storytelling that breaks the usual comedy structure. I’ll have what she’s having.


I talked about this for months and months earlier in the year. Season One was a slow burner, Season Two is a masterpiece.

Doctor Sleep

This was the biggest surprise of the year for me. I went in expecting very little, I couldn’t see a reason for a sequel to The Shining, (controversial but I’m not mad on The Shining as it is). How wrong I was. Doctor Sleep is brilliant. It’s genuinely really scary and horrifying, and it takes a lot to scare me, and the last act gave me chills. It’s such a shame that more people haven’t seen it.

Little Women

I’d read this book as a child and I’d almost forgotten how bloody poignant it is in this day and age as it follows four young women trying to find their own place in the world. Outstanding. I can’t wait to see what Greta Gerwig does next.

Ghost Adventures

I’ve watched this show since 2011 (nuts, I know) and every season seems to get better and better. Their equipment, the locations, their techniques, all improve which leads to really impressive evidence. I’ve even made a fan of my boyfriend, who promises to do a paranormal investigation with me next year!

Late Night 

Another massively underrated surprise. This made me tear up and laugh out loud. Emma Thompson is great, I mean of course she is it’s Emma Thompson, but this film is note perfect.


Tog Talks

I love to listen to this on a Sunday as I clean the house, or make dinner or edit photographs. It’s ran by Alishia Love from Tog London, who interviews different photographers on how they broke the industry, manage burn out etc and their goals. It’s very inspiring.

Happy Hour 

I love having this in the background. They talk about crime, aliens, literally anything and everything and it never fails to shock me and make me laugh.


Loey Lane

Loey has kept me endlessly entertained and spooked for hours with her paranormal investigations and story times.

Eleanor Neale, Kendall Rae & Danelle Hallan

These true crime YouTubers are brilliant in retelling true crime stories in an engaging and interesting way, as well as telling current missing people stories which have actually ended with some being found due to social media. Kendall also does videos on conspiracy theories which I love.

Julia Trotti & Jessica Whittaker

Both two professional photography channels ran by boss ladies who inspire me and give me new fresh ideas and tips.

Kermode and Mayo & Chris Stuckmann

My favourite film reviewers on Youtube, from Kermode’s no-nonsense talk, to Stuckmann’s humorous comments, I always know I’ll be inspired to watch films they’ve approved of.

Lessons from the Screenplay

From a Screenwriting students point of view I LOVE these videos. Each video analyses a scene, or a film as a whole and how the writer has made it so great and how it translates to screen. Whether you’re interested in writing or not, it’s really fascinating to watch.

Alter & Omeleto 

These two channels showcase short films pretty much weekly – and they are fantastic!! Alter mainly focuses on horror short films, whereas Omeleto is more open but they’re brilliant. I had never really watched many short films before, however when tasked with writing one for my degree I made it my mission to watch as many as possible, to get inspiration and also to understand the structure of a short. I have to say these are brilliant, they’re moving, scary, and to be honest they really showcase the filmmakers of the future because some are cinema worthy!  


Pixi Gel Cleanser

Pixi have sent out some pretty amazing PR packages so far. I got to try out their entire Vitamin C range, test their makeup, and try their classic range. So far this product is the one that I use every single day. It breaks your makeup down completely and makes your skin feel deeply cleaned – the only downside is the price as I’ve since rebought it!

Pixi Toner (Glow & Vitamin C) 

Pixi toners are amazing, everyone seems to use them nowadays. I find myself reaching for both the Glow tonic, and the Vitamin C one, and both work wonders for me.

Urban Decay Up All Night

Holy mother of god, where has this been all my life??? I’ve always struggled with makeup lasting – until I got this. It really does do what it says. Your makeup stays on allll day, and no more of the foundation sliding off the nose business.


Dr Botanicals Rose Moisturiser 

I like to consider myself Dr B’s greatest fan. I literally have a cupboard full of their products. Their day creams, night creams, oils, soap, eye creams, hemp, turmeric, coffee, pomegranate, cocoa, and rose Moisturiser – you get the picture. In terms of natural skincare, these guys are the best. They’ve gifted me many items but I always repurchase myself because me and my boyfriend can’t get enough. Their rose Moisturiser is my current day one, and I use their cocoa one on a night. It’s perfect. I don’t say that lightly. They also last a very long time and that’s with my boyfriend stealing it every night too!

Maybelline Superstay Foundation

I’ve finally found a drugstore foundation that I can rely on. This foundation is long lasting, full coverage without being cakey, and does not oxidise darker on the face. I’m really happy with it, and it’ll continue to stay in my makeup bag!

Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner

My friend is a hairdresser and was telling me how I wouldn’t believe the difference between proper salon shampoo, and drugstore. After three months using this I’m actually shocked at the difference in my hair, and I’ve already repurchased this. My split ends are reduced, my hair is thicker and softer. The difference is crazy, and all of the reviews for this product say the same. Amazing!

Here’s to this brand new and exciting decade, I wish you all the happiest times ahead. All of my love!

Soph x



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