I can’t actually believe that it’s June?? The raindrops falling off my head as I write this drenched from walking my dog certainly doesn’t feel like so, but here we are. I thought it was time to do one of my favourite posts to right; my May favourites. I apologise for uploads not being as regular, I promise it won’t become the norm, at the moment we’re sorting out all the house moving details (eeeee) and it’s wedding season as well for my photography business, but I’m back on track with A Rainy Day I promise!

Let’s start with Beauty. Whilst some of these items have been gifted, I am under no obligation to post about them. Receiving them as gifts merely introduces me to them! 

Maya Rey.





This wonderful independent brand reached out to me and sent me a lovely box of their all natural bathroom scented goodies. I was under no obligation to feature them, but I couldn’t not. They sent me some bath salts which smell absolutely divine, a gorgeous hard soap, and a hand soap which reminds me so so much of the sea. It very much reminds me of St Eval’s hand washes, which are far pricier, and actually one of my favourite indulgent brands. I’m saving all of their products for my new home in August but I can’t wait to use them all, I can’t get over the soap scents, it’ll be the first hand wash that we use in our bathroom! I will definitely be checking out this brand far more!






I have been a subscriber of Latest In Beauty for about 6 months now, the reason being is that you get to handpick your own products and so I find it really useful for not only trying out new products, but also if I’m low on dry shampoo, shampoo, moisturiser etc then it’s a super convenient way of having it ordered directly to my home. There’s different price boxes with them, but I’m only subscribed to the £9 a month 3 product box. They reached out to me a couple of months ago asking if I’d be interested in receiving a box, again nothing was asked for in return, however two have arrived so far and I feel so so grateful. They have sent me their Grazia box RRP £42 with over £200 worth of products, and also their Beauty awards box which is all of the award winning beauty products of 2019. My favourite products are the Nars Orgasm Blush (I’ve always wanted to the this), their Tangle Teaser wet brush (SO good for no knots) and the Anastasia Brow Pomade. 



I’ve been a fan of the Body Shop for as long as I can remember, I picked up a few collections in the Christmas sales and whilst I’ve saved all shower stuff for our flat (very organised, thank you), the perfumes I have been wearing to death. They smell so lovely and fresh, and they’re so natural, if that makes any sense? It doesn’t feel chemically in any way, and I get so many compliments on it!



I am on the PR list for Pixi, and occasionally get sent some gorgeous packages, for which I feel very grateful. I do purchase Pixi products of my own, and always have, and getting things sent to my door will never be taken for granted. They recently sent me a parcel of recent skincare treats, and I’m so impressed by it. Of course included is everyone’s favourite glow tonic, but my new favourites are their glow tonic serum, and their gel moisturiser. The serum is basically the glow tonic in oil form which I actually prefer some days, I find it more effective and their moisturiser is really cooling. I always find that gel moisturisers glide on a lot better, and always leave the skin feeling really rejuvenated. I don’t prefer it more than my Dr Botanical’s Pomegranate Noir Cream, however it has a very similar texture and is a cheaper alternative! 


5D Mark III.

This month I upgraded to a gorgeous full frame camera, I apologise deeply to my bank account. I got my hands on the Canon 5D Mark III and I am utterly in love. The colours that it captures are so rich and beautiful, I couldn’t be happier with the results and I’m so excited to try them out this month at some weddings.




I have been looking for a university bag for what seems like agessss. I needed a backpack because I find it’s the only comfortable bag for me to wear, and one that fit my laptop, without being too big. After running out of places to look, I stumbled across this on TK MAXX for £69, as opposed to £180 on the Smith & CANOVA Website. I immediately fell in love and I’m so happy that I purchased this. The quality feels amazing, it fits my laptop and much more in whilst still being compact, is stylish and also really comfortable which is a huge factor when I’m going to be carrying a laptop around!



This amazing new jewellery company sent me over this bracelet. I had to share it with you all. With every sale, they donate $1 to conserve and save penguins. I think their bracelet is so pretty and dainty, but most of all, what a wonderful company and cause!


This month I’ve been kicking my butt back into fitness action and I feel so so much better for it.


I’ve been using Casey Ho’s Blogilates app once more, starting on the beginner calendar and building myself up. She’s always been one of my favourite trainers, she’s so positive and you’d be surprised what you can achieve with just your body weight.


Alongside the Blogilates calendar, I’ve been balancing it with Hasfit also. I used Hasfit so much last year and it really gave me a love for fitness. Coach Kozak and Claudia are so inspirational, their workouts are all about pushing yourself, and not competing with them, there’s a real theme about just doing what you can as long as you don’t stop, and I adore their workouts. I really do enjoy them, if I didn’t, I couldn’t keep it up. I’m currently in their ‘Motive’ monthly calendar and I’m really enjoying it and seeing results, alongside counting calories on MyFitnessPal, and walking the dog for 40 minutes a day!


Killing Eve. 

I’ve raved about Jodie Comer since her My Mad Fat Diary Days, and with good reason. I’ve never seen a show quite like this, it’s addictive and I’m so excited for the next season.


This had been so raved about online and wow with good reason. It’s terrifying, and the scariest part is that it’s all true. I’d urge everyone to watch this.

That’s all for my May favourites. Here’s to an amazing June! x


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