I’ve wanted to write more travel posts lately similar to my Liverpool one, and so when The Guy Fawkes Inn, the birthplace of Guy (Guido) Fawkes in York, invited myself and Tom to stay over and review them, I jumped at the chance. Whilst this was a gifted experience, all of my opinions are my own, there is no obligation for my thoughts and as always I pride myself on being honest and truthful.

On Saturday afternoon, we checked in around 3pm. We had been so excited for this stay. When we first became a couple we had a tourist day in York, as being from Birmingham Tom had never visited up north, and that day we had ended our time with drinks at this very inn and so it felt quite nostalgic to return. I had looked at reviews and photographs of it online (we’re both super nosey) and it’s reputation really exceeded itself.


Upon arrival we were met by one of the managers named Dan, who looked after us throughout. He was so incredibly informative about the history of the place as well as being really helpful with reccomendations of things to do if we wanted to go out that night. (He also mentioned that he was in a band called Collapse The Arcade, if anyone wants to support a local artist). He explained how in the courtyard, there is a little cottage (that is now guest suites), where Guy Fawkes was born, during which his mother died of childbirth. I had heard plenty of spooky stories about this place and he told us that two hours previously, a new staff member was down in the cellar and was spooked by footsteps behind her, so we were pretty excited to say the least. Dan showed us to our room, and the view was breathtaking. We had kindly been given the room overlooking the Minster, you honestly could not get a better view. I mean these photographs speak for themselves, nowhere in York can beat this visually, surely? Even being a local, it didn’t get old once.




We explored our room and felt like a proper King and Queen. We both love travelling and staying in places together, but between long distance and work, we rarely get the time and so it felt really special. Our room felt really luxurious, and the bed was so surprisingly comfortable. We felt so treated and spoiled. Who doesn’t want to sleep in a four poster bed?





In our room we had some lovely little shower and bath treats to use, and even the little touches like the hot chocolate and different tea varieties were really thoughtful. (Why is there only one shortbread, you ask? Because Tom ate it within three seconds.)






We explored the rest of the inn too and everywhere you turn the attention to detail is so beautiful. It’s very old, and creaky and full of character but that’s what makes it for me!





(Tom took that photo hanging out of a window. Don’t try that at home).

After spending two hours in our room relaxing and taking in the view with some hot chocolate, we headed down to have some dinner. (Dinner, look at me being fancy. Let’s face it, it’s tea). The restaurant was candlelit and felt really intimate. Our waitress was really lovely, and we both asked for her favourite rosé for me, and some ale for Tom. I was given the Tempranillo wine, and Tom had the Osset Brewery. This isn’t even an exaggeration, I’ve never had a nicer rosé in my entire life, I’ve literally been looking for where I can buy it ever since. If you’re a rosé fan, you HAVE to try it.






Tom had their famous pie, Dan told us the meat is brewed in ale for 10 whole hours, and it really showed. (Of course I nibbled some of his – review reasons, of course…). The fish was one of the nicest fish and chips I’ve ever had, you really can’t fault the Guy Fawkes for its food, I wouldn’t have changed a thing, and that’s coming from a real foodie. I’ll definitely be back for more! Dan also told us that the inn used to be an old Victorian shop, and in the corner of the restaurant is an old cupboard that has never been opened as a key was never found, and no one knows what is in it. You know I love a good mystery! Even spookier, I couldn’t get my camera to focus on it at all, and no I didn’t have too many of those rosé‘s.


After dinner, we took advantage of being in such a central location and went for a night time walk around York. We had planned on going elsewhere for drinks but we’d enjoyed our drinks so much at the inn, that we didn’t feel the need to.



Afterwards, we headed up, relaxed, watched some trash tv (Celebs Go Dating, I mean… ok, I don’t even have an excuse for this), and then started to settle down. The difference between an inn and a hotel, is the fact that inn’s are rooms above a pub. Whilst you could hear the downstairs chatter, I didn’t find it too distracting at all, and last orders were called around midnight and soon everything settled down. In fact the noisiest part for me, and the only downside to the whole experience, was the noise outside on the street. With a view as gorgeous as the Minster, you have to pay the price of being so central, especially on a Saturday night.

We rose at 8am the next day, although spookily we had set a much earlier alarm that turned itself off… and headed down for breakfast. Waking up with the sun shining and a view as good as that (I know I’m banging on) but it felt really special.


The Breakfast menu was varied and included a selection of cereals, and pastries, as well as cooked options. We went for a croissant each, and asked for a smaller plate of cooked breakfast because we knew that lunch was a Sunday dinner, and even we have limits. Kind of. *adjusts belt*.





After breakfast we again took advantage of the location. Literally you are in the heart of York. There’s no walks to the shops, or anything, they are right outside your window.








We then returned, and sat in the quiet courtyard to the back of the inn, and relaxed in there… Ok, ok we may have watched some Ghost Adventures, but we weren’t taking our chances watching it the night before in a possibly haunted room. Not that we were scared… or anything.



Then it was time for Sunday lunch. It makes me hungry just thinking about it. I honestly rate this food so much. We both had Pork, and it was so yummy. How big is that Yorkshire pudding?? You may be thinking, surely you were both full by then? But we’re two complete little pigs, and ordered sticky toffee pudding afterwards. Jesus, it was good. Really really good. To any of my York readers, or anyone visiting, the food is genuinely flawless, and the service is so friendly.




We were both sad for our stay to end. The staff were so warm and welcoming, you could tell how much Dan loved his job, and the food was incredible, it really knocked me off guard. I think sometimes there can be the presumption that food served in a ‘drinking’ environment isn’t as good as food in a straight restaurant but this completely proved that wrong. Everything was absolutely delicious. The view was brilliant, and I can’t wait to come back. I really recommend the Guy Fawkes not only for people wanting a luxurious stay full of history, but even for locals to pop in for a drink and have some homemade food. I know I will be!



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