FAVOURITES: Olaplex, Pixi, Double Cleansing & more.

Favourites posts are one of my (can I say favourite?) posts to read. I love discovering new brands and things to try out. Over the past few months I’ve certainly been testing out a lot of new things, from home hauls, skincare, haircare, makeup and more. I’ve been excited to share them with you!


I also wanted to share a quick thank you to the countless messages I’ve had about my last post, it’s really touched my heart and if it’s just helped one single person, then I’ve done my job.

* Quick disclaimer that whilst some of these items were gifted to me, it is under no obligation to post. All opinions are absolutely my own. *


We’ll start this one with haircare. This month I’ve been really trying to focus on strengthening my hair. Years of dye and bleaching does no wonders to anyone, and so after lots of research I bought some products that I thought would recharge it and bring it back to life.




Now this isn’t cheap, like at all, but QVC had a deal on where you can get a litre of this gold dust, for the price of 500ml, and I’m a stubborn northerner so if I can get a bargain (can you call £65 a bargain, I don’t know) but I’m down for it. I’d read so much about this. Basically it’s a product that you leave on wet hair before shampooing, either to sleep in overnight, or to leave on for 20+ minutes, and when you wash it off not only does your hair feel incredibly soft (I’m talking like virgin hair), but it also strengthens your hair, making it ‘elastic’ and stronger so that it doesn’t break off. I’ve only used this product twice now, both times I left it on my hair for an hour before washing, but I have to say I really really feel the difference. My hair has never felt so soft, and even just brushing my hair, I’ve noticed so much less breakage and hair falling out. I’m interested to see what a few months of using this does, the results speak for themselves! 




Olaplex is really becoming a must have for haircare, I’d heard it mentioned a few times however when googling ‘damaged hair’ it was without a doubt the product mentioned the most. It is costly to say that the bottle is so tiny, you can probably only get 3 uses out of it, and that’s with shoulder length hair like mine, but the selling point of Olaplex is that it doesn’t just make your hair feel soft or just give the appearance of healthier hair, but it actually genuinely makes your hair healthier by chemically strengthening the bonds. You apply it to wet hair, similar to the Elasticizer for 45 minutes plus, and again you really really feel the difference. My split ends were significantly reduced and my hair feels so much thicker, it just really does look healthier. People such as Kim Kardashian swear by it and you can see why, especially when bleaching your hair. I’ll definitely be buying it again, any product that can make your hair healthier is really worth the investment. Olaplex also has different products, 1 and 2 can only be used in Salons, however they also have a Shampoo and Conditioner. Let me know if anyone has tried any, I’m very curious! I’ll also be doing a follow up post on my hair growing results over the next few months. (I miss my long locks).



I’ve been a big fan of purple shampoos for a while, generally using the Touch of Silver range, however I came across this in a haircare video, and after looking up before and after photos the results are insane. The bottle is a litre bottle which will last me months and months, and wow this shit is strong! I always make sure I follow up with a nourishing conditioner in case it is drying due to its strength. The purple is so deep that the recommended time to leave it, is 1-5 minutes. I’ve been playing it safe for about 2 minutes and it’s toned my hair so beautifully, all of my golden tones are now far more beige, it’s just what I’ve been looking for. All I’d say is make sure that you don’t leave any solution around the shower or on your hands as it can stain! 



I was given these for Christmas and hadn’t really used them until I started using the Fonola shampoo, and wanted a really deep conditioning treatment to follow it, to counteract the dryness that a toner can give. I have to say for the price these are amazing. They smell so lovely, almost honey-like, and they’re both so nourishing on the hair, I really feel the difference and it’s the perfect budget conditioner and mask set! 



Again, little old me went on a massive hair saviour research project, and this ended up being raved about a hell of a lot. I’ve never actually used a leave in conditioner before so I was interested to try it. I place this through my ends, when my hair is damp after showering, and whether it’s a combination of all the products or not, my hair really does feel so much stronger, and like the title suggests, I’m experiencing hardly any snaps or breakages in my hair at all. Redken has an ‘Extreme’ range for damaged hair and I’m incredibly tempted to try more of it out! I’ll be repurchasing this for sure!


This month, I’ve started double cleansing and I can’t believe the effect that it’s had on my skin, it’s never been clearer. Instead of just removing my makeup, and then toning, I remove my makeup with a cleanser, then use a face wash, and then use a toner, and I’m loving the combination. 



I’ve never actually used these before, after receiving them through the post I was really intrigued. You wet your nose, leave this on for 15 minutes and then basically rip it off. It’s kind of disgusting but also kind of weirdly satisfying. Don’t judge me here please. Let’s just say it really does work, and I’m planning on repurchasing and using these once a week because wow, are these effective. 


I have to say that this facial wash is incredible, I’ve fallen a little bit in love with Elemis. As I mentioned, I’ve been changing up my skincare routine, and this is currently step one, after removing my eye makeup with Liz Earle Eyebright. I rub this onto my face to remove makeup, really rubbing it into my skin and letting it foam, and then I wash it off using that PS Rose Water Makeup pads that I bang on about (£2 from Primark, you can’t go wrong). 

Then I follow with a Face Wash, and then a toner. My current go-to is:


This smells so strong and really does the job in removing all the last bits of your makeup, and preventing pores, as well as really clearing the bacteria on your skin. Sometimes I switch the toner to PIXI’s GLOW TONIC, but I find that this combination is really effective! I won’t go into detail about my Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Noir Cream because I think I mention it in every blog post, but if I ever feel like a change from my favourite moisturiser (not even sponsored, I swear) then I use Nip and Fab’s Kale Fix Moisturiser mixed with a little oil. 


I mentioned this in my last Dr Botanicals haul, it’s no secret that they are my favourite brand, and after writing my last post (completely my own opinions and all was purchased with my own money), they actually read it and have since reached out to me, wanting to send me some products. I never expected recognition from my favourite brand, and no doubt a new haul will be up very soon for anyone interested! I just wanted to make it clear that my opinions are always mine, and always honest. Whilst I would never particularly be disrespectful about a brands products, if I’m ever sent something that I don’t like, I would make it clear or even just not mention it at all!

Anywaaaay, I mentioned in my last haul that I’d be trying this once a week and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve been using it after my skincare routine, whilst I’ve been leaving on either the Olaplex, or Elasticizer, (you should see the state of me during this time, god help anyone who knocks on the door) but the difference in my pores has been incredible!





I was gifted this item from Pixi completely unexpectedly. I’ve raved about Pixi before so to come home and find a gift like this I was so excited. I love eyeshadow, but I’m never daring with it. I’m always wearing either a pink, nude, or a gold shimmer and so this palette is absolutely perfect for me. It isn’t as highly pigmented as Urban Decay, for example, but in a way I really like that for me because it just comes across as subtle and beautiful, and the brushes are absolutely gorgeous. The shades are so pretty and perfect for Spring, they last all day and I’ve been using the hell out of this! 


For so long I was obsessed with Mac Studio Fix however last time I went to repurchase it, it went from £18 to £26. Now I know I’ve just spent £60 on haircare but I’m stubborn and £26 for a foundation seems maaaaad to me, so off I went into Birmingham to find a new foundation and this is literally the first one that I saw that fitted my shade. I used to use this years ago and I could never remember why I stopped and after a month of using this, god knows. It’s amazing. I would honestly say that this gives better coverage than the MAC foundation ever did. It lasts so much longer as well, I wear this alll day and it doesn’t budge at all, and as my boyfriend is always telling me, it looks so creamy! My skin has also never been better, I have been using my new skincare routine, however I can’t quite stop thinking that perhaps this is contributing to it also! Whilst I feel like it’s better coverage than MAC, it doesn’t feel as thick on my face, my skin feels more breathable!


I’ve been going a teeny tiny little bit crazy home shopping over the past few months and I’m completely in love with everything that we’ve bought so far. I probably won’t do a homeware haul post either until we’ve moved in so that I can photograph it in our home properly, or until we’ve finished home shopping. What would everyone prefer? But NEXT, TK Maxx, H&M Home, Home Sense, Wilko, and even Amazon has been our saving grace! Check out their sales 100%!

I’d love to hear everyone else’s favourites and tips for growing out hair!

All my love,

Soph x



  1. March 7, 2019 / 6:17 pm

    I’ve heard many great things about the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser! I think I’d be willing to try out a travel size but I’m scared of falling in love with it haha.
    The Pixi eyeshadow palettes look gorgeous! x

  2. March 13, 2019 / 8:22 pm

    I find Wilko and Home Bargains amazing for homeware! There’s some amazing products in this post!

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