As many of you know, I’ve always had a hard time finding skincare products that are right for my skin. I’ve always been incredibly sensitive, and found the right balance of skincare products hard to master. That was until, I tried my mum’s Dr Botanical’s Nourishing Pomegranate Noir Cream, (which I know, I know, I’ve probably mentioned  on here about 100 times), but it’s my holy grail moisturiser. And so when I realised that they had a sale on, I decided to try out more of their products.


Dr Botanicals is an all natural company based in England, whilst it isn’t super affordable by any means, my experience with it has shown that it’s always been worth it (especially when there’s a sale).


66468F2B-E097-4460-BD2E-A2F46F8E4C32.jpegThe Moroccan Summer Cream is exactly the same as my go-to Pomegranate one except for the scent. I’d always wanted to try this one, as rose is always my favourite.  It has a really light consistency, it sinks into the skin so nicely and it smells so lovely and fresh. If I had to choose, the Pomegranate one is still my favourite but I’d highly highly recommend any of these summer creams for a day time moisturiser for sensitive skin! It very much reminds of the same consistency that the Body Shop Vitamin E moisturisers have! It’s so soothing and not sticky in the slightest. Whilst it retails for £29 on their website, you can often find it elsewhere online for half the price! Also – these creams are incredible for anyone suffering with eczema, my boyfriend tried this once and has never looked back.




I was very curious to see the difference between this, and the summer cream, as I normally use that as my general moisturiser. Upon arrival, I could definitely tell that this was more of a luxury item, from the consistency, to the glass pot. Whilst the summer cream is light and glides onto your skin, this definitely feels heavier – not in a greasy way, but in a more deeply nourishing way. Whilst the summer cream makes the perfect day, or light moisturiser, this makes the perfect night moisturiser, and the scent is so sweet and fresh. It reminds me of my grandma’s garden. For me I prefer the summer cream, however I think combined as day to night creams, it’s a perfect match.


The price for this little pot is staggering, and let me say that I definitely didn’t pay the full money for this, (I’m a tight Northerner), luckily it was massively reduced in a sale, and I had a discount code. The reason that I decided to try this out is because I realised that I rarely ever use eye cream. Whilst I may be young, I won’t always be and I think it’s best to take good care of your skin as early as you possibly can. The pot as you can see above, is so teeny tiny I was really surprised actually considering the price. That said, the cream really does feel like a little bit of luxury. I have used it for two months now, and have barely made a dent into it which greatly impressed me. With the smallest amount of cream dabbed under your eyes, your eyes feel and look brighter, and again the scent is so fresh, it’s one thing that I love about Dr Botanicals, everything feels so natural and organic.


3C25A687-E9DA-4D2C-A523-943F6153BEC3.jpegI have wanted to use more Charcoal Masks, ever since getting my hands on a PS one from the new Primark range. I love the whole charcoal trend, from teeth to skin, and was so excited to see that Dr Botanicals had one. Every week or so, I apply a layer onto my skin in my T Zone and any areas that I feel need a deep clean, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off, and my skin always feels so incredibly smooth and nourished and I’ve actually noticed a massive decrease in my pores!




I actually received this for free from Dr Botanicals, as an apology for a mistake with a previous order which was incredibly generous. The Pomegranate range will always be my favourite and this mask is no exception. Whenever I feel that my skin needs a bit more nourishment, I apply a thin layer before bed and when I wake up my skin is always incredibly soft. Again, it has a very light consistency, so it’s not as nourishing as the Facial creams, however I much prefer it as it sits more gently on the skin and it feels really cool and refreshing.

Dr Botanicals and their sister brand Skin Chemists are fast becoming my favourite brand of skincare. Despite their hefty price, I really do find that their organic ingredients are what I’ve been looking for. Has anyone else tried any of these and think that they’re worth it?


Love Soph x







  1. February 20, 2019 / 12:11 pm

    I’ve never tried any Dr Botanicals products but I LOVE the sound of them.
    I need to get some of the Moroccan Rose Light Summer Cream, my boyfriend suffers from eczema and it sounds like it could really help him x

  2. February 22, 2019 / 7:31 pm

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve never tried anything from Dr Botanicals, but it sounds like their products are fab. Will have to add them to my list of brands to try out!

    Lucy | Forever September

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