If you read one of my latest blog posts, then you’ll know that over this Christmas period I’m really trying to use my phone as less as possible, but the hardest thing about that is that I use my phone for productivity (as well as scrolling on Instagram and ordering pizza). Below are some of my favourite apps that I use to get my shit together!



Forest is a brilliant app that me and all the other procrastinators in our drama class were introduced to by our wonderful teacher. The idea is simple but really effective, you turn on the app, and set a time limit on how long you want to study/be without your phone/revise for, and ever so slowly a tree will start to grow, but the second you exit the app, your plant dies. I know it sounds incredibly basic but you’d be surprised how motivating it is just to crack on! 


A lot of people who watch YouTube videos, don’t utilise podcasts enough! From self help, financial podcasts, motivational ones, fitness ones, to my current favourite – true crime (surprise surprise), I like to play these on my phone in the background as I get ready, and always end up learning something whilst doing mundane tasks. It’s one of my favourite parts of technology. My current favourite is ‘My Favourite Murder’. 


As a writer, I have used Celtx for many many years. Celtx is a screenwriting app, that formulates scripts into a perfect and professional format, it saves me so much time when I’m writing and always looks so professional. It’s also free, and compared to other screenwriting programmes which are £150+ a year, I really see no difference! 


I’ve really fallen in love with this app. Canva is a design app where you can make anything from logos, business cards, Pinterest posters, to menus. Whilst it isn’t up to the adobe design standard, it’s free and you can make some genuinely professional looking creations. Recently I’ve used this to design menus for a restaurant, an E.P cover, and a novel cover for a writer. I also design my Pinterest posters on here, and my creative CV. I couldn’t recommend this enough! 


As someone who lives out of my diary, but also likes to have everything backed up on my phone, Roster is pretty much my entire life. It has all my appointments, meetings, and journeys logged into one single place, and you can categorise everything by colours too so that it’s easier to see! 


I’ve mentioned before that I lost a lot of weight by using this app, and exercising well. I’m not someone who thinks that counting calories is a long term method of keeping off pounds, but as someone who had never really thought about my food intake, by being able to input all of my food and see what I was taking in, and what I should actually be taking in, really helped me to understand and gain a grasp on a healthy diet. I know a lot of people are opposed to calorie counting, and it can be obsessive, but I used this app when I first started out, and I use it from time to time to check in on my diet and I think it can be really educational if used sensibly! 

Does anyone else swear by any productivity apps? I’ll be releasing a blogger apps review soon featuring my go-to favourites!

Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas! x


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