On Friday afternoon, myself and Tom got a train from Birmingham to Liverpool, and had the most wonderful little getaway. With living long distance, and Tom being in a full time drama school at the moment, we don’t always get to go away together, and I think it’s what we really needed.


When we arrived in Liverpool, we checked into our gorgeous hotel, the Adelphi Hotel. My dad is from Liverpool, and told me many weird and wacky stories about this place, it’s a real mixed bag. The lobby and public rooms were huge and stunning, the Victorian architecture was really impressive. When we made our way onto our floor, it was pretty much like a silent maze, there was nobody around, it felt a bit like The Shining. We loved it though, it always feels like such a nice treat staying in hotels! 



We went out for dinner at 6pm, and then at 7pm had the absolute privilege of attending a talk held by the Making a Murderer Lawyers, and Founders of the Centre on Wrongful Convictions of Youth, Laura Nighrider and Steve Drizin. Their talk was inspiring, informing and so interesting. It was amazing to meet two people who have dedicated their working careers to helping people who most people won’t. They spoke about inside information that Making a Murderer missed out, updates on Brendan Dassey’s case, as well as Steven Avery’s, and also introduced us to other cases, as well as a similar UK Charity, called the Centre for Criminal Appeals. What alarmed me about their discussion is that Brendan’s interrogation, is genuinely now used by US officers in training, as to how NOT to interrogate a minor, and yet he still remains in prison based solely on the confession from that interrogation alone. I also got to meet them after the show, and shake their hand and what inspiring role models they really are!


After the talk, we went back to our hotel room, watched a movie, put on my new favourite body lotion by Lush ‘Sleepy’, and drifted off to sleep before our alarm woke us for an action packed day.



We had a bath, using a Lush ‘Twilight’ bath bomb (not sponsored – I wish), took way too much advantage of an all you can eat breakfast, and then headed out for a day of exploring Liverpool.

77FD9630-81FD-4253-BC73-B056363F7853.jpeg0531CE7E-8412-459F-94D4-8648AA1BF412.jpegWe wandered around town looking at all the sights, we went to the Cavern Club on Mathew Street where the Beatles and Cilla Black would play, explored the Liverbird Building and the Royal Albert Docks, and also spent hours in the Liverpool Museum, and did some shopping before having lunch right outside the Cavern Club. 

EE8B77EB-CCA0-4A6B-B0FE-794FA9532881.jpeg9BCDA991-E7BB-43CC-B30C-7CA050E1E0C2.jpeg887E349E-6BEF-4A08-B808-68394ACDAD0B.jpegWe had the most wonderful time in Liverpool together, and I’d urge anyone to visit if you can! Sights that are a must are definitely Matthew Street, and the Albert Docks! Thank you Liverpool for having us, and we will certainly be back! 42D4B6C7-F64C-45F7-BF8D-0D04CA1AEB35.jpegEAD37B55-6309-413B-8F2A-08904DD2AC8C.jpeg964354A4-D3B3-4716-A161-34F4E455E59E.jpeg






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  1. December 14, 2018 / 10:02 am

    Your photos looks amazing! I really must try the Lush Sleepy body lotion, this season my skin has been feeling extremely dry!

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