It’s wonderful and cold, the days are getting darker, and out come the Christmas decorations, and the biscuit tins. But alongside the season of joy, it’s also the season where our skin and body bares the brute of the ever-changing weather. I wanted to introduce some of my latest favourites which are helping make winter a little kinder. (All claim to be cruelty free and vegan).

Some of these items have been gifted to me, but as always I am under no obligation to review them, all opinions are my own and I only share what I genuinely love!



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly bought this product, but being a tight northerner and seeing a body lotion for £15, I’ve resisted almost every time. On Friday, me and my boyfriend by chance, walked into the Grand Opening of a new Lush in Birmingham City Centre, and this time I couldn’t resist. The lotion smells so warm, of lavender and oatmeal. You place it on your body, I normally put a little on my neck and hands, and I couldn’t believe how fast it makes you sleep. The scent just makes you feel warm and cozy and drifts you off. It also leaves you smelling amazing. As someone who’s mind never switches off, this has helped me all week to sleep better than I can ever remember.


I’ve spoken about my love for the Primark Makeup Remover range before. I use their wipes, and their makeup pads constantly, and think they’re great value and also incredibly sensitive for the skin, but this product is my favourite so far, and only £2! It’s exactly the same micellar water that I love from the wipes, except for the fact that it’s on a cotton pad makes it so much easier to use, and it’s taken my makeup off so much more than I’ve noticed the wipes have done. Put it this way, I bought 6 tubs…at once. Yeaaaaah.



I’ve spoken about this oil before, when I was gifted a full range from Clockface. I’ve never been one for facial oils because I find that too much oil is already a problem enough for my skin, but somehow this product doesn’t feel greasy or oily, I place a little onto my hands and massage onto my face, and it leaves me with a real glow, and it smells so lovely and ‘woody’ is the best way that I can describe it. I feel like it gives my face a real deep moisturise for the winter. Also, all of their products are cruelty free and vegan, so even more kinder to the skin, and our planet!


I’m one for candles and hand oils big time, and I really don’t need to mention my love for rose scents, but this just smells so so heavenly. I got this in October’s edition of Moi-Meme box, you can read my review here. I love to massage this into my skin just before a shower or a bath, and it leaves my body feeling soft and smelling literally of roses, how can I complain?


This arrived on my door around a week ago, from the lovely company Ethea, who share very ethical and similar values with myself, and this blog, and since then I’ve been trialing it and hoping that I liked it, and I really have. It smells very fresh, and describes itself as a oxygen facial scrub. I’ve been using it after my micellar pads have removed my makeup, and the scrub removes dead skin cells and impurities. It feels really soft on my skin, and none-scratchy unlike some scrubs, yet I can really feel the difference in how it flushes out all of the impurities that you have and it’s improved the look and texture of my skin noticably. It’s also specially designed for sensitive skin, which I can really tell, as I’m incredibly precious with what I use on mine!



It’s no secret that I’ve been missing my long hair ever since having the chop in March, after wrapping Wuthering Heights, and I’ve always wanted to try a hair mask! First of all, this one smells fully like chocolate, I mean it’s DIVINE. For some people I can see that it might be a bit too much but I love sweet smells. The main ingredients are Hemp, Coconut and Shea, and the idea is that you apply it to damp hair, and then wash off, so I’ve been applying it in the shower, leaving it on for ten minutes, and then rinsing. Now after a couple of weeks, I can’t say if it has made my hair grow or not, but what I can say is that my hair has never felt softer, it really does feel so silky and healthy, and it smells so yummy. Even if I see no difference in length I’ll be continuing to use this for that reason alone!
I’d love to hear everyone’s winter saviours! How’s everyone’s Christmas shopping going? I’ll leave my Gift Guide link here for any last minute shoppers! Love Soph x

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