2018 has been a great year for film and television, and I’m so excited for another year of more to come. Here are some of our favourite tv and films that me and Tom have watched and loved as a couple! 


The Greatest Showman. 

I mean, if this isn’t on everyone’s top films lists I’d be surprised. I’ll never forget when This Is Me came on for the first time and I literally tried so hard not to bawl as tears silently rolled down my cheeks. How embarrassing. The applause in the cinema afterwards was unbelievable. This really is a masterpiece of hard work and pure talent. 

A Quiet Place. 

This is a hit that no-one saw coming. Sat in a tiny cinema screen at the new EveryMan Cinema in York, it was one of the most tense films I have ever seen! Someone in front of us jumped out of their seat – literally. Luckily they weren’t holding a beer. 

A Star Is Born. 

I’m still not actually over this yet, every time I listen to ‘Never Love Again’ I cry… so, just watch it. Please? Bradley Cooper I don’t know where that came from but you have an incredible directing career ahead of you, bloody hell. Watching this film literally leaves you speechless. 

Outlaw King. 

I’d read so many reviews on this saying that it was long and boring but we watched it together and loved it. It felt fast paced, and intense and real, the acting was brilliant! Enjoyed isn’t a word to describe a film so full of death and pain, but it’s a really great piece of film. 

Phantom Thread. 

I promised my boyfriend that I’d include this because he really loved it. I thought it was great, but I’ll be honest I don’t know if it was the ASMR like tea cup stirring, or the gentleness of Daniel Day Lewis’s voice but I got a teeny tiny little bit bored… I’m sorry Tom. He loved it though, and I’ll admit the acting, costumes and story were great! 

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again. 

Who knew that a prequel/sequel to Mamma Mia could be just as good?? This film made me laugh, and also cry I’m not ashamed to say, and I could listen to the soundtrack every single day. 


I’ll pre-warn you, 2018 has been the year that I discovered my obsession for crime documentaries. I literally can’t get enough. When I was younger I’d watch the TLC ones like ‘Stalked by my neighbour’ and things like that and scared myself silly, but now I just can’t stop watching them. My Netflix list may as well just be the ‘True Crime’ section. 

The Staircase. 

I’ve spoken about this before but how could I not mention this? This is such an interesting case, from the ‘fall’, to the family standing by Michael, to the trial. From start to finish I couldn’t stop watching, and I was really happy with the final ending.

Making A Murderer. 

I’ll just come out and say it, I don’t think a show has ever affected me just as much as this has. I can’t tell you what exactly it is but this just stuck a pin deep into my heart. Watch it, and you will feel every emotion under the sun. One place I’ll never visit is Manitowoc County, that’s for sure.

The Haunting Of Hill House. 

For a show that is documented as being so terrifying, I never thought that it would hurt my heart as much as it did. Scary, touching, and incredibly well-written and acted, I’d really recommend this! Also the whole of episode 6, is done in two huge one shots and it’s a masterpiece of film making!

Stranger Things. 

2018’s answer to the Goonies, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like this show. And I totally see why! 


My mum got obsessed with this and I just happened to be in the room most of the time, apparently I live vicariously through my mother but Jesus this show is GOOD. It’s so gripping and intense, I’m gutted that it ended. Olivia Pope can I have your strength and tenacity please?


After How I Met Your Mother ended, and I finished the 23rd rerun of Friends, I needed another comedy, and boy this one is stylish. It’s so interesting and the storylines are just brilliant, just like my favourite shows, it’s more than just its genre, it’s full of great stories and great characters. 


I’ll be honest we haven’t caught up with Outlander series 4 yet but I am SO excited to get stuck in. We’ve watched it together since the day we became a couple. It’s one of the greatest character relationships I’ve ever seen onscreen. 

Real Detective.

Real Detective is a series where each episode, is a real life detectives story of their ‘one case’ that has stayed with them. It’s such an underrated show on Netflix. It’s sad, gripping and shocking.


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