So I’m officially 21. This last year I’ve done things that I’m proud of. Got myself into fitness, started University, got the chance to play some really interesting characters, as well as write my own too. I’ve made so many memories with my love, and I even started this wonderful little page of the internet that I get to call my own. If you’re not new to my blog then you’ll know that I sure do like my lists, so here’s another one. Things that I hope to accomplish before I turn the big 22… (if I can stop ageing soon that would be brilliant.) Life is unpredictable  and you never know what’s around the corner but it’ll be interesting to come back and read this as I scoff my face with next years birthday cake! 

  • Read 10 new books
  • Have written 100 blog posts
  • Move to Birmingham  
  • Learn to drive 
  • Travel with my love 
  • Get better at cooking 
  • Use my phone less 
  • Finalise another screenplay
  • Get a 1st at University
  • Spend more time with my boyfriend 
  • Improve my Photography 
  • Lift heavier weights 
  • Be stronger and fitter 

What’s everyone’s goals before their next birthday? Mine’s a real mixed bag but I’m determined to become a better version of myself by the day! Thank you all for my wonderful birthday wishes, and happy November!


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