Can you believe that it’s nearly November? Where on earth did the time go? Before we know it, it’ll be time for Christmas songs, fairy lights, and Elf (who am I kidding I’ve started already). For some reason, since the dawn of YouTube and blogs – (probably the fact that I’m incredibly nosey), I’ve loved watching and reading about what everyone can’t leave the house without, so I thought I’d compile my own list. These are items that are always in my bag, whether I’m on set, or travelling around. I’d love to lie a little bit and pretend that I have some really cool stuff, but in reality I probably don’t, unless you count WHSmith receipts as wild. BUT if you’re as nosey as me then maybe you’ll enjoy reading this! 

My bag of choice is this beautiful Gaston Luga ‘Classic’ Backpack. For me backpacks are the perfect bag for travelling around, they allow you to carry your suitcase etc, and being hands free makes life so much easier. I am in love with this bag, I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still serving me so well. It’s very spacious, and comes with an inside pocket for a tablet/laptop, and a phone too! I couldn’t recommend it enough, it always comes on my journeys and to set with me. 



My iPad. I’ve had my iPad for two years now and it’s one of my most used possessions. I keep all of my university books on it, as well as iBooks, and write on it too when I’m on the go. I also keep all of my scripts on it, and learn from it to save paper, I probably use this for work more than I use my own laptop. It also serves mine and my boyfriends Netflix needs perfectly (can we please talk about Making a Murderer Season 2)? 

My Camera and Bag. This is a new addition to my bag and I am so so blessed to have been given this from my boyfriend for my 21st. I never would’ve expected it and I am so eternally grateful. My camera is a Canon 750D and wherever I travel, I bring it along in case I see something that I’d like to photograph. I’m pretty precious about it and always carry it in this case! Plus it gives me an excuse to take 1000 HD photos of my handsome boyfriend. (I’m not even sorry). 


Portable charger. I’ve never known anyone go through so many portable chargers. I seem to have used every single one under the sun. I’ve used £30 ones, and I’ve used £1 ones, and they never ever seem to last, so I’ve resorted to using ones from Poundland, so that when it breaks, even if I have to get one every month, it’s cheaper than spending £30. To give it credence, I’ve only had to buy one so far in four months and it hasn’t let me down. With traveling so much, this is vital to me! Does anyone have any foolproof ones? I honestly don’t know what I do to them!

Headphones. Journeys without headphones are the worst aren’t they? I’m currently obsessed with the A Star Is Born soundtrack. That film… Jesus. Maybe I should include tissues in my bag. 

Purse. My purse is from New Look, in it I have my Credit Card, Blood Donor card, ID, NUS, Railcard, Tastecard, Cafe Nero stampcard, Actors Spotlight card, and a Superdrug card. 

Chilly bottle & Starbucks Keep Cup. As I’ve mentioned before I’m really trying to reduce my plastic intake, and these two items have helped me greatly. My none-disposable Chillys bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours, and this really does work. I’ve left it in the car in the summer heat before and the water has remained ice cold. I also use this Starbucks Keep Cup for all of my hot drinks. It was only £1, and every time you buy a hot drink (not just from Starbucks, but places like Pret, Cafe Nero etc) you get around 25p off, saving money as well as the environment! 



Clockface hand oil. If you’ve read my Clockface review you’ll note that I mentioned I would be carrying this around to help care for my hands in the colder weather, and I’ve been doing just that, and my hands feel so soft and smell of roses! 

Tangle Teaser. I seem to have the kind of hair that just does whatever it wants so my tangle teaser is a necessity. 

Lipstick, Lipcote and Bare Minerals Powder. I’m always carrying around these three makeup items to touch up when I need to! My current favourite lipstick is the Tarte ‘Kind’, it’s a nude pink and is so natural and girly! 

Perfume. I always carry around some small perfume, or body spray. Currently I have the Body Shop Vanilla Spray in my bag! 

Burts Bees lip balm. Especially when travelling I always find myself using this, and even better it’s tinted! 


Hand sanitiser. I don’t know when I became one of those people who carry this around, but apparently it’s who I am now. 

Compact mirror. I got a stunning gold compact mirror from a 1940’s vintage fair and I’m obsessed. The smell of the powder reminds me of my grandma. Is that weird? … it’s probably weird. 

Diary. I’m a complete stationery hoarder, and the Career Girl Daily is currently my go-to diary, the pages are so full of timetables and planning, it’s a life saver for me.

Pens. I always seem to find about 25 pens when I clear out my bag. 

Ibuprofen. I’m beyond clumsy. Like beyond. This is needed.

Spare Tights. When it’s cold and I live in tights I’m forever ripping them, and forever grateful that I carry some extras, especially in business situations. Ladders don’t scream ‘hire me’. 

Green tea. Again I don’t know when I became the kind of British person who carries around green tea sachets but hey! 

I’d love to hear what’s in everyone’s bag to satisfy my curiosity!




  1. Sophie
    November 14, 2018 / 6:48 am

    I don’t know how I missed this post but I’ve always been curious to know what people carry in their bags! It’s just fun and interesting so any ‘what’s in my’ or ‘how I organise my’ type posts and videos are my favourite. I recently completely downsized my purse because I really dislike carrying things around with me, but at the same time, I hate when I’m out and I don’t have what I need.

    In my bag, I normally keep my purse, phone, earphones, sanitiser and a little small pouch with hand cream, lip balm and ibuprofen. Plus a little perfume as well!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume 

    • November 27, 2018 / 2:35 pm

      We’re so similar with what we carry around, thank you for reading as always ☺️ I’m so nosey with these posts I just love it xx

  2. November 23, 2018 / 1:37 am

    I think my bag may be smaller than yours. I have two lip glosses, one lip balm, package of kleenex, sunglasses and regular prescription glasses, small container with Tylenol, a nice pen for note writing and a small moleskin notebook. That’s all!

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