This year I’ve been really trying to be kinder to the world, and the people in it. This includes really cutting back my plastic intake, investing in alternative methods like a none-disposable bottle, and a ‘Keep Cup’ for warm drinks also, as well as shopping bags – look at me being all adult. Wanting to use more ethical brands has really become my next focus, to carry on my little mission.6E1D1245-021A-4A5E-8B8D-9652A3256067

For me, discovering new and independent brands are so important. I often find that they have the kindest values, and Clockface Beauty is no exception. Clockface Beauty are an organic, vegan, and cruelty free skincare beauty brand, based in York. Everything is 100% naturally created, and all made locally in Yorkshire, my home as it happens, which makes it even the more sweeter. According to their website –
“We take the best that nature produces – vitamins and nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-ageing properties – and formulate treatments that are kind to your skin, and kind to our world. All because you deserve to be the very best version of you, naturally.”

I have been very lucky enough to be gifted by this lovely company, their ‘Pamper Collection’, RRP £87. (Whilst I have been kindly sent this, I would never promote a brand that I didn’t believe in, and didn’t enjoy using). This included, their Signature Facial Serum, Neroli & Ylang Ylang Foot and Leg Scrub, and a Frankincense & Rose Otto Hand and Cuticle Oil. These items can also be purchased separately!

Their products came in a beautiful timeless (see what I did there) box, and really does feel luxurious immediately. Along with your products, are cards telling you how to use them.


The Signature Facial Serum comes in a beautiful glass bottle, with a pipette which makes dropping the oil into your hands far easier. The aim of the serum is to rejuvenate your skin and give it a fresh, youthful and healthy glow, and is for all skin types and ages. It contains nine essential oils, Vitamin E, jojoba, avocado, grapeseed and argan oil. For someone who has combination skin, I’ve always been worried about using oil on my face, and scared of the greasy feel afterwards, but after just using a few small drops into your hand, and massaging into my face, it actually feels really fresh and lightweight, and something that I could happily introduce to my skincare routine, morning and night, before my moisturiser. Especially with the weather changes, and skin being beaten by the weather, this really does wake it up, and leaves a none sticky feel, and the best way to describe the smell, is of a rose garden, earthy with sweet undertones. It feels so natural on my skin, I’m really pleasantly surprised. Not that I doubted the company, but I wasn’t sure how oil would fare on me, but I’m really happy with the outcome!


The Hand and Cuticle Oil comes in a luxurious glass roller, with the instructions to glide across hands and cuticles and massage into your skin. It includes ingredients such as: Vitamin E, sweet almond, apricot, argan and jasmine oils. It is a powerfully nourishing treatment that works to deliver natural vitamins to dry, sore, or irritated skin. It is also a naturally antibacterial aid which surprised me a lot! I’m always so careful to take care of my skin but I very much neglect my hands. This is the perfect little item to carry around my bag, that I can use in the cold when my hands feel drier than normal! It also helps to smooth wrinkles and fight signs of ageing, everyone always says that the hands are the first to age so I’ll definitely be remembering that! Another huge positive for me is that it smells incredible. My favourite scent has always been roses, and this leaves your hands feeling fresh and smelling beautiful! I’ll definitely be carrying this around in my bag!


As a true Yorkshire-woman I love anything that can be used for multiple things, and this scrub does just that. It can be massaged into tired feet and legs before rinsing, as a refreshing scrub, or even as shaving conditioner. I am a huge fan of Himalayan Salt, it has so many benefits, I even own a salt lamp, and this is a main ingredient. It also includes mango, avocado butter, and three essential oils. It cleanses the skin of impurities and also nourishes it. It smells so floral and fresh, all of the products really do smell like being in a woodland. They all remind me very much so of one of my favourite brands Doctor Botanicals, except Clockface Beauty is local, and their design and ethos seems to be even more luxurious! The scrub really does seem to work in clearing off the toxins on your legs, and smooths the skin. It really does feel like a real treat!




Whilst these products do not come with a small price tag, there’s clearly a reason. These products are luxurious, and all natural and kind to the skin, and in my opinion it has earned the price tag that it comes with. Skincare is so important, and I’ve learned very recently after changing my skincare routine to all-natural that the benefits are amazing. I love that this company is based in York, my home City too, and the ethos behind it is so kind and comes from a place of goodness, and you can really tell with the attention to detail of the ingredients, the packaging, and the instruction cards. Clockface is a brand new to my radar, but I’ll definitely be revisiting their site again and again! Has anyone else tried Clockface, or have any all natural skincare favourites? I’d love to hear!


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