I’m a huge enthusiast for true crime. Ok let me reword that because that can sound too ambiguous, and I might have a Steven Avery situation thrust upon me (just you wait). I find it so fascinating watching or reading about crime and justice, what makes a person kill, what makes someone confess to a crime they didn’t do etc, and this month, myself and my boyfriend have fallen into a deep abyss of Netflix Crime documentaries, and I honesty can’t get enough.  

Here are three true crime documentaries on Netflix that you need to watch right NOW! 


Making a Murderer is the true story of Steven Avery, a man incarcerated for 18 years for a crime that he didn’t do. After successfully suing the neglectful police force for millions, days before his cheque arrives, he finds himself arrested once more by them. This time – for murder. If you follow me on Instagram (@Sophieemort) then you fully know that I’m just a teeny tiny bit fricking OBSESSED, and by obsessed I mean I’m throughly ready to become a detective and appeal this case, level obsessed. I’d watched half of one episode when it was first released in 2015 and thought nothing of it, but going back and watching it, I don’t know how I’d ever put it down. It’s devastating, worrying, frustrating, frightening and oh so powerful. Watch it please?


The true story of how author Michael Peterson, finds himself on trial for the murder of his beloved wife, found at the bottom of the stairs covered in blood. Weeks into the trial, it becomes evident that a family friend died of very close circumstances twenty years ago – at the bottom of the stairs. Is foul play at hand? This documentary was so shocking to me, merely because of how, to be honest, innocent Michael seems. Throughout the trial he isn’t worried, because he’s convinced that he didn’t do anything, and so is his entire family, including his wife’s children, but is the jury? Another story of the darker side to the justice system, I was hooked and heartbroken by this. 


Getting someone to confess to murder is a hard task. But what about if someone confesses to a murder that they didn’t do? When I read about this I thought it would be ridiculous. Why would anyone confess to someone else’s crime? But then I watched Making a Murderer, and I HAD to watch this. It’s so enlightening. It shows a side to the law system that you never ever would’ve thought of. Of course tactics to lure confessions are important and work. But what if it works on the wrong person? Even just watching one episode is mind blowing, I couldn’t recommend this enough.

I’d love to hear everyone’s crime documentary favourites! Making a Murderer returns on October 19th, you know I’d LOVE to hear people’s thoughts on it! 


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