I’ll start by saying that I have never really been a huge fan of subscription boxes. I think they’re a brilliant money-saving way of experimenting with products, of course, but I always find that you probably never use most of the items, and wouldn’t have bought them individually anyway. But then I stumbled upon ‘Moi-Meme’ on Instagram (@moimemebox). 

Moi-Meme is a lifestyle mindfulness box, it is released quarterly, matching each season to a box, and costs £54.95. Whilst this may seem steep, their boxes generally give you luxury products worth over double that if you were to source them separately.

I found myself wanting all of the products in their previous boxes, from The Happiness Planner that I know and love, to my ever loyal Chilly Bottle, to beautiful stationery, and handmade trinkets. The thing that appealed to me most about Moi-Meme, is that their items are all catered to your preferences. Upon subscribing, you fill in a form giving initials that you’d want on an item, your favourite colours, favourite scents, skin type and colour, are you ok with leather, are you vegan, your favourite jewellery colour – gold or silver etc. It felt like a box that really was personalised to you, they even have a feature where you can return items from your box in exchange for other colours if you are not happy with what you received. 

All of their boxes come with the intention of giving women some ‘me time’. Their mission, according to their website, is ‘to make women feel good, pure and simple’. With such a focus on self-care, I couldn’t not mention this beautiful box on my blog, and give it a try myself. 



The theme for their Autumn box was ‘Tranquility’. I was so excited to come home and find this box waiting for me, with all the products each wrapped in tissue, it felt like Christmas had come early! The box came with a beautiful booklet, introducing the box, as an indulgence box for self-care as we prepare for the colder months ahead. 


I was so surprised to see a candle worth £42, in a box costing only £54! Lola’s Apothecary is an all natural candle company based in Devon, who only use natural ingredients. Based on my personal preferences, I received a pink hued candle  with blends of floral roses and warm spices. The candle smells absolutely incredible. I’m all for a Yankee Candle but I’ve never smelt a candle that fills up the entire room without even being lit. It burns for 45 hours, and though I would find it hard to justify spending so much money personally on a candle, I can definitely see why it has earned its luxury price tag! 



Myroo Skincare is a brand based in Harrogate, who was formed especially to care for sensitive skin (very much like mine). Their products are 100% all natural and vegan, and are the UK’s first ‘free from’ skincare brand, being free from ALL 14 food allergens. The handcream in this box smells like an absolute dream, it’s perfect for the colder months as the weather changes and our hands take the brunt of it! It’s an intensive hand-cream treat for the skin, and is a blend of Avocado, Geranium, Vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, and makes your hands feel so soft and nourished (and smells incredible). It really does feel like a luxury item made to care for your hands. 


Stephanie Ann is an artist, who creates her artwork by combining photography with her paintings. The eye masks are made completely of smooth silk, and are perfect for whose who find it hard to shut out the light and drift off to sleep. I’ve never used this before, but I’m really excited to give sleep masks a go, especially one as beautiful as this. I recently wrote a post on trying to wake up earlier, and the importance of getting enough sleep, and I think this will work wonders! The designs of the masks chosen to be featured are also amazingly exclusively designed for Moi-Meme box!



Bloomtown is an ethical, natural and cruelty free beauty brand. I received a Rose Garden Bath and Body Oil. I’ve been meaning to try some natural oils for so so long, partially inspired by ‘itsBlitzz’ on YouTube, but I’ve never seen any out and about that have appealed to me. Boy don’t I know how this slipped under my radar. My favourite scent is Rose, and this oil smells absolutely incredible. It glides into your skin, and isn’t greasy in the slightest. I can’t wait to have a bath, light my candle, and use this! It really is a real treat that I never would’ve bought myself, but already it’ll be a self care staple! 


A bar by the Great grandson of York’s finest John Cadbury? Count me in. James Cadbury’s ‘Love Cocoa’ specialises in gluten and palm-oil free chocolate, that is ethical, and donates to the Rainforest Foundation. They even have a subscription scheme too! My mum is gluten free, and I think she’d LOVE it – potential Christmas present perhaps? The bar that I received was ‘Orange and Cocoa Nibs’ and I think me and my boyfriend nearly devoured the entire bar before I’d even taken a picture. It’s so so delicious, I’m sure you can imagine.  


As an excessive collector and stationery lover, I was SO happy to find a beautiful bookmark in my box. You can never have too many bookmarks in my case! I’m always juggling books on the go, and this makes my life so much easier. It’s made of leather, and has a beautiful foiled design. The quote ‘An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise’ sums up the entire box for me. 



The box, sold at £54, actually ended up providing luxury items worth over £100. For me this box was definitely worth it. I loved how it all had one theme that tied each product into the other. Most of the items were ethical, and all natural, and it really was made to feel like a very ‘Sophie’ box. It’s personalisation and care, for me sets it apart from many other boxes, and I would definitely purchase this again. Whilst I wouldn’t have bought every item individually myself, this was almost the excitement of it. I was able to be introduced to luxury ethical brands and companies that I never would’ve discovered before, yet unlike other subscription boxes, it was products that were catered to me. I can’t wait to see what the winter box holds!

I’d love to hear everyone else’s opinions on the box, or their favourite boxes? 


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