Start the day right, with a smile.

I’ll admit I’ve always been someone who is self-motivated, it’s part of why I’m self-studying my degree. Whenever I hear that alarm go off, no matter how grumpy I am, whether it’s 7am for my usual morning rise, or 3am for filming, I have NEVER pressed the snooze button. Quite a big statement, I know. So I thought I’d share some tips on how to become a morning person. For me it gives me so much more time to get things done, and helps me kick off the morning productively which leads the way for a great day ahead.

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Have a goal, or a reason as to why you want to wake up early. Now I know, no-one exactly wants to wake up early, but by waking up 30 minutes, one hour, maybe even two hours earlier, what can you achieve that you wouldn’t normally? I find that having a to do list written the night before full of tasks really spurns me on. (A perfect excuse for excessive amounts of pretty stationery if you ask me). For me personally, I wake up early so that I can talk to my boyfriend before he starts drama school, and also so that I can fit in a good workout and walk my dog, before my actual day begins. By doing this, I feel like I’ve started my day way on track and it encourages me to be more proactive. It also means that if I complete my to do list earlier, I have more Sophie time on an evening, so it’s a win win!

Always remember to sleep with a dream, and wake up with a purpose.

Always set your alarm earlier than needed. I’ll be honest I’ve never had to do this one myself, but as someone who’s sister doesn’t know that time exists before 11am, I’ve learnt this the hard way. Have two alarms, one 30 minutes before you actually need to rise, that you can snooze, and then one when you actually do need to get up. When the first alarm goes off, you’ll have the best realisation that you can have some extra sleep (isn’t that just the greatest feeling) and when the second alarm goes off, you’ll have been in a lighter sleep, making it easier to rise and shine!

Leave your curtains or blinds open for natural morning light. Now obviously depending on where you live, and if you have weird neighbours with binoculars, this isn’t always possible, but I swear by doing this. I leave my blinds up (should I be telling this to the internet… probably not), so that when the morning comes, I’m either woken by natural light slowly, or my alarm will wake me, but because my room will be light and airy, it’s far easier to get up than being in the dark!

Keep your alarm clock/phone out of your reach. This means that when your alarm goes off, you actually have to get out of bed, and then the hard part is already done.

Be consistent. If you want to be a morning person, you have to be consistent, and keep it up throughout the week until it becomes natural. Don’t get me wrong, on a Saturday I try not to set an alarm, (I still wake up ridiculously early but the thought is there), but for the majority of the week if you want to create a routine, you have to stick to it. Being a morning person and waking up earlier, has really meant that I’ve had so much more time than I ever would’ve had, we’re always wishing for one more hour in the day – but there are more hours to find. After the initial 30 seconds of waking up, instead of finding myself tired, I actually find that I have even more energy than ever before.

Sleep earlier the night before. Of course if you’re waking up earlier, you do have to sleep earlier. I know the recommended sleep hours are 8-9, but everyone is different and everyone knows what works best for them. For me, I’m often a night owl whenever I get a rush of creativity through writing or script work, but I know that I can happily function on 6-7 hours. Do what suits you best!

Just give it a go, if you find yourself wishing for more hours, trial yourself ONE week. I guarantee it’ll quickly become a habit that you are very grateful for. I’d love to hear how you all get on!


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