Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you happy.
Here are some small things that really make my day:
* Thunderstorms
* Forehead kisses
* Fresh sheets
* The smell of rain
* Random acts of kindness
* Late night FaceTime calls
* Deep conversations
* Fresh Candles
* Singing in the shower
* Travelling
* Waking up before your alarm and going back to sleep
* Sipping your tea when it’s at the perfect temperature
* Laughing so hard it hurts
* Getting off one train and straight onto the other
* Spontaneous adventures
* Falling in love with a book
* Random writing inspiration out of nowhere
* Freshly cut grass
* Movie nights
* Helping people
* Unexpected hugs
* Playing with your pet
* Stepping on crunchy leaves
* The smell of new books
* Watching your breath in cold air
* Cold chocolate
* Bookshops
* Wandering around new places
* Post-show adrenaline
* Fairy lights
* Finishing a piece of writing
* Flowers
* Road-trips
* Long hot showers
* Holding hands
* Listening to music
* Slipper socks
* Making lists (as you can tell)
* Going to the theatre and cinema
* Seeing old friends
* Singing in the car
* Fate and coincidences

May your days be filled with happiness.


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