To everyone that wears lipstick, believe me you want to read this.

This £3 product has changed my lipstick routine ridiculously. Here is an amazing holy grail product, that will preserve your lipstick pigmentation for up to 12 hours, welcoming Autumn in with a wonderful way to extend those red lips. And that is – Lipcote.

This product was recommended to me during a show three years ago, that involved wearing red lipstick, yet having to kiss some poor actor, which resulted in smudged lips for the both of us. This product, literally just by applying like lip gloss, dries within 20 seconds and keeps your lipstick perfect, through food, to kisses. It amazes me that this product isn’t ridiculously famous, given the price and what it does. The only downside, is that in order for it to seal the lipstick colour, it is quite drying and so I make sure to moisturise my lips, and wear lip balm before and after use. I use it every time I wear a bright coloured lipstick, and have introduced it to all the make-up artists that I have worked with. I haven’t stopped using it since!
You apply your lip colour, blot, and repeat, and then brush Lipcote on top of it, and tadaah!
May your lipstick be smudgeless. 

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