Here are twenty-one life lessons that I’ve learned as I approach turning twenty-one (eeeeek).

* Be kind to yourself. Putting yourself down and comparing yourself doesn’t change who you are. Seeking validation in others, invalidates you. Accept who you are, we only have one body and mind, embrace it.

* Don’t wish away time by dreaming about tomorrow, everything will come, but today is happening right now. Live in it.

* Find a good balance between rest, work and play. Don’t feel guilty for being human, we all are.

* If you want something you have to earn it, and sometimes people do get handed things on a plate – and yes it is frustrating, but earning it for yourself will feel so much more rewarding one day when you can say “I did it”.

* It’s ok to say no. Sometimes you have to put yourself first.

* Follow your gut. It’s always right.

* Self-care is so important. Look after yourself, in order to allow yourself to be able to look after others.

* Failure is good. Failure teaches us and allows us to grow. Without failure we’d never improve, it’s a blessing.

* Kindness matters. Be the reason to make someone smile every single day.

* Age doesn’t define you. Never let it hold you back or give you doubts about what you can or can’t do.

* Grudges cause pain. Let it go, and move on.

* It will pass. Whatever is causing you pain or worry right now, won’t cause it forever. Times will change, it will pass. You’ll be ok.

* The greatest moments happen outside of your comfort zone. Push yourself, it’s scary I know it is, but do it and you’ll be thankful.

* Perfection is boring. Stop striving for perfection, it’s over-rated and doesn’t exist.

* Never stop learning. Learning is the most powerful thing in the world, it opens you up to any possibility and makes you grow as a person in unimaginable ways.

* Making every day count is a wonderful idea, but sometimes you just need a day to recharge, it’s not a waste, it’s a booster for the week ahead.

* As hard as it is not to compare yourself to others, everyone is on a different path and whether you know where that will take you or not, that’s ok. Trust in the fact that you will find your way.

* You can’t please everyone, so stop trying. Just be yourself.

* Regret hurts worse than fear. Take a chance.

* Change is good, it allows us to grow. Don’t fear it.

* Life is short, eat the cake (and maybe do your squats, but regardless, eat the cake.)


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  1. September 16, 2018 / 9:53 pm

    You learned much more than I did, by that age. But I have had another 45 years since, to reflect on my mistakes.
    Thanks for following m,y blog, which is most kind.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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